August 3, 2022

3 Governors Declare States of Emergency

1914: Germany invades Belgium and declares war on France, beginning World War I.

Three U.S. states have now declared states of emergency over monkeypox outbreaks.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) declared a state of emergency on Monday after more than 800 cases of monkeypox were reported in the Golden State, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“California is working urgently across all levels of government to slow the spread of monkeypox, leveraging our robust testing, contact tracing, and community partnerships strengthened during the pandemic to ensure that those most at risk are our focus for vaccines, treatment, and outreach,” Newsom said.

“We’ll continue to work with the federal government to secure more vaccines, raise awareness about reducing risk, and stand with the LGBTQ community-fighting stigmatization,” he added.

Meanwhile, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker (D) declared a state of emergency after 500 cases were reported.

“I am declaring a state of emergency to expand the resources and coordination efforts of state agencies in responding to, treating, and preventing the spread of MPV,” Pritzker said.

New York was the first state to declare an emergency over monkeypox.

“More than one in four monkeypox cases in this country are in New York State, and we need to utilize every tool in our arsenal as we respond,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) said in a July 29 statement. “It’s especially important to recognize the ways in which this outbreak is currently having a disproportionate impact on certain at-risk groups.”

According to the CDC, almost 6,000 monkeypox cases have been reported in the U.S.

Source: Business Insider

9 comments on 3 Governors Declare States of Emergency

  1. Guest says:

    Anoother vile queer disease, these people lead filthy lives with filthy acts of idoicy.

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      Funny how my pigs can roll and root around in their own waste and be perfectly healthy, but these h0m0s are always contracting diseases! H0m0s are the most unnatural and vile life on earth! That’s why Yahweh God called them an abomination!!!

    2. Von Potter says:


  2. Helen Sanders says:

    Those 3 states with monkeypox doesn’t surprise me at all. The lives they are living is just another eye opener. They need to turn their lives around and reject the devil and turn to God for salvation.

    1. Tom T says:

      I agree with you 100%, the people in these states
      have been brain washed so much by their so
      called leaders that they can be told anything
      by the idiots that are so called leaders and they
      will believe anything the idiots tell them…

  3. George Tirebiter says:

    Gee how convenient. Just in time for the Democrats to cheat on another election

  4. Disgusted, and confused says:

    It’s as if something or someone was trying to keep us from traveling and being with those we love. or to even be alive ! What is it about how we live that keeps getting us in trouble. Unfortunately it too often has adverse effects for the innocent. The idea that the pandemic and now this were/are purposefully released on us is unthinkable. However, the theory is out there. How are we to know and judge the truth ? Whose information can be trusted ? God help us all !!!

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      First of all, the truth is DOCUMENTED and verified by independent and uncompromised sources! Not one thing that the left has been spewing is documented or verified by any one other than “THEIR” manipulated sources. Sadly, the majority of people “think” they are intelligent, when they simply know so much that isn’t true! Whenever the government or a group insists on preventing an opposing view, there is a reason – they don’t want people to know the truth. Why do you thin that ALL of the main “factcheckers” are owned by leftists? When have you ever seen a “factchecker” provide any source other than one funded by the left? EX: 99% percent of Americans believe the earth is a spinning ball flying thousands of miles per hour in orbit around the sun, and thousands more through space. If this is true then how is it that Polaris (the North Star) NEVER moves from it’s position, night or day, in the sky? How can the sun be the center of our “universe” when GOD say that the Earth is; and said it is immovable!!!!! Who is it that has provided all of the photos and videos of a ball earth? NASA or other government funded org.!!!

      God will not help you. He gave you a brain and the ability to reason. It’s up to you to figure it out. The help that GOD provides is in the documentation and physical evidence that is being revealed. If you don’t understand basic science, as most Americans don’t, then start reading. Understand that EX: everything that NASA tells you about Earth violates the basic laws of science and GOD. Same goes for all of this virus garbage. The global cabal has an agenda, and until people accept that fact and learn the truth, they will remain fools!

  5. mid terms coming
    we are going to have monkey pox aids
    so we can rig the elections again cheating again
    your pissing off the citizens
    what your going to starve, freeze kill us off just so you can
    be in power but your days are ending soon 91 82 79 your not going to live forever

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