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January 1, This Day in History – June 9th: Secretariat’s Triple Crown Victory, 1973



On June 9th, 1973, one of the most iconic moments in horse racing history took place as Secretariat, a chestnut-colored thoroughbred, won the Belmont Stakes and clinched the Triple Crown, becoming the first horse to do so in 25 years.

Secretariat, ridden by jockey Ron Turcotte and trained by Lucien Laurin, had already captured the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes earlier in the year. All eyes were on him as he approached the starting gate at Belmont Park, with millions watching in anticipation.

What followed was a performance for the ages. Secretariat didn’t just win the Belmont Stakes; he dominated it. The powerful thoroughbred broke away from the pack and won by an astounding 31 lengths, a record that still stands. Moreover, his time of 2:24 for 1.5 miles shattered the previous record and remains unbeaten.

Securing the Triple Crown, Secretariat became a national sensation and one of the most celebrated athletes of the time. His performance on June 9th, 1973, remains one of the most remarkable feats in sports history.

As we look back this June 9th, we honor Secretariat’s legendary accomplishment, reminding us of the sheer beauty and excitement of horse racing and the incredible potential of these magnificent animals.

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