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January 1, White House Says They Will Not Fire Fauci Under Any Circumstances



Hello again Americans,

In the wake of thousands of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails being made public, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said there is no circumstance where she could imagine President Biden ever firing the doctor. Republicans are calling for Fauci to either resign or be fired. Senator Josh Hawley tweeted, “The time has come for Fauci to resign and for a full congressional investigation into the origins of #COVID19 – and into any and all efforts to prevent a full accounting.”

Can we split it? Colorado picked its first $1 million winner it its new vaccine lottery that aims to inspire residents to get their shot. Sally Sliger of Mead won the first off five million dollar prizes for citizens who have received their COVID-19 vaccine.

Look to the sky — safely. A solar eclipse will be visible in certain parts of the US in the wee hours on June 10. It will be the first time an eclipse is visible in the US since 2017. Experts are imploring viewers to use eye protection, such as “eclipse glasses” or other indirect devices.

Meanwhile, under the sea, researchers have found that whales in the North Atlantic are shrinking due to entanglements in fishing gear. A recent study indicates that whales born today are about 7% shorter than whales born 40 years ago.

The FBI released a statement regarding the recent hacking of the world’s largest meat processing company. They attributed the attack to REvil, a notorious Russian-speaking ransomware gang. The FBI stated its intentions to bring the group to justice, and urges anyone who falls victim to a cyberattack to contact them immediately.

Maybe it is easy being green? Amazon announced last week that it supports the federal legalization of marijuana, and will no longer include it as part of their pre-employment drug tests. Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s worldwide consumer division, said that Amazon is endorsing a federal marijuana legalization bill, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act and, “We hope other employers will join us, and that policymakers will act swiftly to pass this law.”

Keep safe,

Fraser Dixon


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