February 9, 2023

WATCH: Jill Biden’s Kiss with Kamala Harris’ Husband Leaves Everyone Confused

1964: The Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, live from New York; the broadcast draws 73.7 million viewers.

First lady Jill Biden kissed Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband on the lips during the State of the Union address, quickly sparking internet discourse from confused viewers.

A viral video clip shows Biden arrive at the event and greet the VP’s husband, Doug Emhoff, with a kiss on the lips.

The State of the Union address was broadcast live across multiple channels, so many viewers quickly took notice of the lip-lock.

It didn’t take long before social media users shared the clip, with many asking, “Is this normal?” Some turned the moment into a meme, adding romantic music to the moment the pair kiss.

Reporter Cabot Phillips tweeted: “Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff greet each other with… a kiss on the lips? Is this… normal?”

The consensus among Twitter users was that the interaction was “not normal,” according to Newsweek.

“I think Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff forgot where they were for a second,” one Twitter user wrote.

Several commenters joked that the moment highlighted how much COVID-19 guidelines have relaxed.

“Please explain to me why we still have ‘COVID Emergency’ until May when this is our First Lady and ‘Second Gentleman,'” tweeted Alex Lorusso, a writer at The Benny Report.

Source: Newsweek

2 comments on WATCH: Jill Biden’s Kiss with Kamala Harris’ Husband Leaves Everyone Confused

  1. CourageousMe says:

    First it was a Public Date with Roger Stokoe Goodell, and now Smootching in Public with Douglas Emhoff. What’s next, Jill? Is it a NO-GO with YOU KNOW WHO ANYMORE?? You are as Dirty as it comes. So how do you Stack up to Melania?

  2. Robert Page says:

    I am not a Democrat (heaven forbid) but I think it is time to let things as moronic as making a story of a kiss between two friends (in public) is silly and petty. Some people will give a peck of a kiss to friends on the lips and although I personally would not does not make it a major story. Give it a rest and let people live their lives as they choose and stop making it something it is not. Just Sayin! And for God’s sake STOP writing about it.

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