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January 1, WATCH: Fox News Weatherman Brutally Attacked on NYC Subway



Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz was brutally attacked by a group of teenagers a New York City subway, leaving him bruised and battered.

Klotz, who has been with the network since 2017, detailed the altercation in two videos posted on his Instagram account. He also disclosed that police officers had apprehended at least a couple of the attackers.

“Hear me out, though: you should see the other guy,” Klotz joked in the first video while revealing his discolored face. “My side—oh, don’t laugh—my side is so much worse than my face.”

Klotz noted that the “other guy” was really “five or six children,” wondering “where are the parents,” and asking them not to “let your kids beat up people in the middle of the night.”

In the second video, the 37-year-old took a more serious tone and provided more details about the incident. He said he was on the train headed home after watching an NFL playoff game at a bar. He saw an “older gentleman” who was “being hassled by this group of seven or eight teens.”

The meteorologist continued: “And I was like, ‘Yo, guys, cut that out.’ And they decided, ‘Alright, he’s not gonna get it, then you’re going to get it!’ And boy, did they give it to me. They had me on the ground—my ribs are all kinds of bruised up too. They got their hits in!”

Klotz noted that the aforementioned older man “got out of there fine” and the “cops grabbed a couple of these kids” after the attack.

According to police sources who spoke with the New York Post, Klotz confronted the teens on the train around 1:15 a.m. The group fled the train at the 18th Street stop and three of them were detained by police not long after.

Ultimately, the three suspects — two 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old — were released from custody.

“Juvenile reports were prepared, and their parents were called to pick them up,” a New York Police Department spokesperson told the outlet.

“I got a couple of X-rays. I’m okay. This is all going to heal,” Klotz stated in the second video, sarcastically adding: “It’s all good! You know what I mean? New York City! New York City! Ahh, what a place. The Big Apple!”

Source: New York Post

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David S

    January 25, 2023 at 11:26 pm

    My son told me that it was reported that the police released the attackers because Klotz refused to press charges, as he in his liberal wokeness, didn’t want to ruin their future by pressing charges, so the police could not hold them.

    As the attackers did not suffer consequences, they are free to do it again. There are those who feel that Klotz did a disservice to the public. Those boys could have learned from the experience to help them mature into responsible law-abiding adults. I know that stop quite well, as I lived around there. The police station is literally around the corner on Lawrence Street. I’m so thankful I moved to Florida a month ago.

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