June 19, 2022

WaPo Calls Out Democrat ‘Dark Money Groups’ Meddling in Primaries

1865: Union General Gordon Granger declares slaves are free in Texas, now the date of the end of slavery is celebrated across the US as Juneteenth.

The Washington Post blasted “Democrats and their associated dark-money groups” for spending millions of dollars to boost “extremist Republicans” in primary elections.

Columnist Charles Lane asked, “why are Democrats and their associated dark-money groups meanwhile spending millions to boost the campaigns of election-denying extremist Republicans in contested primaries?”

Lane noted that the “Machiavellian rationale” behind this strategy “is that, come November, Democrats stand a better chance of winning against ‘ultra MAGA’ extremists.”

“This should stop. The hypocrisy is painfully obvious: How can Democrats portray Trumpism as a danger to democracy while backing its proponents’ campaigns?”

In one example, Lane said that pro-Democratic groups spent $2 million on the campaign of Ron Hanks in Colorado, calling the party’s strategy “reckless.”

“The bottom line: Democrats cannot control the future, but they can at least keep their principles and practices in sync — and their hands clean,” the WaPo columnist wrote.

2 comments on WaPo Calls Out Democrat ‘Dark Money Groups’ Meddling in Primaries

  1. Cat says:

    It is hard for them to keep their principals and honor in sync when they have none. When they are willing to go as low as needed and do anything, no matter how illegal or immoral to get what they want, they have no souls.

  2. Bob says:

    I think it is great to back any Republican with $$$😂 or maybe a trap on non reported donations

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