March 18, 2023

Walmart Makes Major Change — And People Aren’t Happy About It

Walmart customers will have to make some adjustments to their shopping habits as the retail giant overhauls its bagging policy in multiple states across the country.

More than 100 locations are getting rid of single-use plastic bags this year — meaning that many shoppers will be surprised with an extra charge if they don’t bring their own reusable bags.

So far, 10 states are implementing the plastic bag ban: Vermont, Maine, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, Oregon, and New Jersey.

Walmart stores in Washington and Oregon are doing away with both plastic and paper bags starting April 18.

Jane Ewing, the senior vice president of Walmart Sustainability, said the move is part of Walmart’s “effort to reduce waste at our stores and help keep communities and ecosystems clean.”

In the meantime, the retail giant is making some changes to help customers with the transition. Walmart stores will “continue to offer a wide array of reusable bags and containers throughout stores and at checkout areas for purchase.” Walmart’s reusable bags cost about $0.74.

But some customers aren’t happy with the change.

“It’s a bit crazy. In a month, I can be accumulating anywhere from 40 to 50 [bags],” Walmart shopper Larry Grant said.

Shopper Udi Sela also criticized the new policy.

“It just creates more waste, which is what we’re trying to avoid in the first place. We can’t return them, we can’t do much with them. There are better ways of doing this,” Sela said.

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24 comments on Walmart Makes Major Change — And People Aren’t Happy About It

  1. L.S says:

    So sick of this over the top environmental s–t! They keep making our lives difficult yet the rest of the world doesn’t give a d–n like Chinaa Russia, and others! Walmart is already filthy rich and by doing this they make even more profits! Well done leftists and your continued stupidity! We gladly use those bags for multiple uses! F U Walmart and the environmentalists!

    1. Arleen Handrich says:

      I don’t mind bringing my own bags, but what about when I order on-line, go to pick up what I ordered, and everything is in plastic bags.

      1. D says:

        My guess is that they will pack the stuff in their reusable bags and then charge you for them

        1. BigMikeU says:

          Yepper and they will do it without any warning! Im sure peopel will start to see the charge ,only after they have loaded their vehicles and are sitting and looking over their recietps!!!

    2. Marti says:

      I agree. We use the bags for many things. Plus, they have reported that the bring your own reusable bags often have a lot of germs in them.

  2. Angel says:

    The left at work .

  3. Angel says:

    The left at its best and working hard to ghange oujr country .

    1. Joy Cochean says:

      Is Walmart Demorat? must be

  4. JimmyF says:

    I’m having a problem figuring out how a large family can do a ton of shopping unless they bring 10 or more bags when they do a monthly or semi-monthly run to the store. I suppose they will have to figure out how many bags they will need on average and be sure to bring them along. This process has been in force at ALDI stores and Costco forever, so maybe it’s time to make it a standard practice across the supermarket industry. Good luck Walmart. I’m good with getting rid of the non-reusable plastic and having paper and cloth bags available.

    1. Cecelia Henderosn says:

      “Walmart stores in Washington and Oregon are doing away with both plastic AND PAPER BAGS starting April 18.”

      You’ll get your wish soon enough. Personally, I’d prefer they deliver my groceries or at least put them in my car and then they could use whatever bag they want to use.

  5. Dixie Rands says:

    We have quit using Wal-Mart. They have forgotten what ‘Customer Service’ is!
    Amazon brings it to my door!

  6. Cindy says:

    I think they tried that one other time. It failed. I can certainly take my business elsewhere. I hope our HEB orders lots of bags.

  7. Mearhead says:

    Prime example of why we don’t shop at Walmart, so it doesn’t bother us.

    1. Nellie says:

      I stopped buying when they started the self checkout. This is asking for fraud big time. Too many things out dated. They don’t rotate, everything from China.

  8. Alan Minton says:

    This is simply nonsense encouraged by the idiots on the left. They were the ones who, years ago, said we needed to stop using paper bags as it was using up our resources (trees). Then more recently they decided it was the plastic bags that were the problem as they ended up littering the countryside and the waterways and we needed to go back to paper and an even heavier plastic bag that could be used for an indefinite period. The “single use” bags are suitable for many other uses and do return to the earth after a relatively short period of time while the heavier, multiple use bags will be far more devastating to the environment. Walmart is pretending they are doing this to “save” the environment but in reality they are doing it to save money as the bags cost more than they are charging the customers. The “service” of the service industry is all but dead. The customer is no longer of value, only the profit margin is of value and Walmart has chosen to demonstrate their lack of consideration for the customer.

  9. Mickie D Witter says:

    I shop at Walmart when I absolutely am forced to because something I need “now” can’t be found somewhere else. They’re pretty pathetic anymore. Customer service doesn’t mean squat and I flat refuse to use a self checkout. The cashiers aren’t always the welcoming committee because many hate their jobs. I’m saying all cashiers so if you work there please don’t take offense. But there’s nothing worse than greeting the cashier and have them ignore you or even worse look at you like your speaking ancient Greek and roll their eyes. Lord how I miss shopping at Kmart!

    1. Mickie D Witter says:

      I apologize. I meant to say NOT ALL CASHIERS hate their jobs or have poor customer interactions. And some of y’all are doing an awesome job.

  10. steve says:

    Well now what am I supposed to put my cat poop in when I clean the litter box?

    1. Joy Cochean says:

      I dont go to Walmart anymore. I buy my groceries at another store that uses plastic bags. They cant get cashiers so you have to check yourself out. I am not taking bags in so they can just forget about me.

  11. Deborah W Oliphant says:

    Reuseable bags are NOT SANITARY !!!!!

    1. RSM says:

      Yep. Over the past few years, I have seen many people bring reusable bags to the grocery stores here in CO. They plop filthy cloth bags on the check out belt with their items. It is particularly noticeable at places like Sprouts and Whole Foods.

  12. Jerry C says:

    I need those single-use bags for my bedroom, bathroom, and home office garbage cans. My Michigan WalMart was the first to go to the “Customer service? What’s that?” model by going to all do-it-yourself checkouts. The single cashier lane is always either closed or the line is 20 carts deep. If Michigan stores go to no single-use bags I go to Meijer or Kroger and screw the Evil Empire!

  13. Miriam Hall says:

    I reuse by plastic bags. I use them when I clean my cat’s litterbox, use them for packing when I mail boxes and in storage boxes, liners for small bathroom trash cans, lunch bags, and other uses. They get reused at least once before being thrown away saving me money.

  14. Shirley says:

    Another rip-off in the making

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