March 23, 2022

Video: Ted Cruz Gets into Heated Confrontation at Airport

Airport employees in Bozeman, Montana, asked police to intervene following a heated confrontation with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

A video posted to Reddit shows the Texas lawmaker engaged in discussion with two employees at a United Airlines desk after missing the check-in time for his flight.

“One of our Public Safety Officers (PSO) was in the ticket lobby and was asked to assist with a frustrated passenger at the United ticket counter (which is not unusual),” said Scott Humphrey a deputy director of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

“The passenger had missed the check-in window for his flight and re-booking options were limited out of Bozeman due to Spring Break.”

“Our PSO didn’t realize he was dealing with Senator Cruz until after the fact,” Humphrey added, saying that Cruz was booked on another flight and left the airport later on that evening.


Montana airport calls the COPS on Republican Senator Ted Cruz after he missed the check-in window for his flight and was told it was busy to re-book a flight during Spring Break

7 comments on Video: Ted Cruz Gets into Heated Confrontation at Airport

  1. LMB says:

    Check in window time is B.S.!!! The elongated check in time is to verify flight clearance. If Cruz is on the USA passenger clearance list. He should have been allowed on the flight as the plane would not have left the gate yet even if he was 1 hour late.

    1. 2004done says:

      LMB: You DON’T seem to realize that Sen Cruz is a REPUBLICAN, and that cell-phone he was open-carrying and brandishing was probably fully semi-automatic AND he was trying to sneak through our country as a CITIZEN and subject to many more restrictions because his party-of-origin used to believe in Freedom!. I would think at least a month long quarantine-camp would be necessary (but I can call MN Senator Tester (D) and see if he should be kept out of action longer. I wonder what the union ticket-sellers’ party-of origin was, and wonder if THEY knew who he was (only by his name on his ticket) when they called Public Safety on him?

  2. GDB says:

    How is this news. The police weren’t called as the caption claims. Cruz missed the check in window, we weren’t told so I am assuming the plane was still at the gate. Given he’s a U.S. Senator I’m surprised they didn’t just stick him on the plane unless it was full. In that case Cruz had to settle for a later flight just like anybody else. No big deal.

    1. Beth Watkins says:

      Anything for a negative headlne!

  3. madmemere says:

    Most of these websites, OR their so-called journalists, just love to post anything and twist it, in order to give every decent, conservative lawmaker a social “black-eye” and any method to tarnish a good reputation. Most of what we read on here is pure unadulterated CRAP!

    1. 2004done says:

      Which gave it away: “accosting(R)” instead of “had to confront (D)”or “wouldn’t calm down (R)” instead of “was understandably upset(D)” ?

  4. Jim says:

    Most demoncRATs do not love this country or they would impeach the president and vp. If they loved this country” they would and with good common sense in no way could they confirm the appointment of the hater judge Jackson to the S.C.

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