April 17, 2022

Video: Saudi Arabia TV Pokes Fun at Biden, Harris in Sketch

By T. Thompson In Latest News, Video with Comments Off on Video: Saudi Arabia TV Pokes Fun at Biden, Harris in Sketch

The Saudi Arabian TV show Studio 22 lampooned President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in a comedy sketch.

The sketch, which aired on the country’s state-run network MBC, shows an actor portraying Biden pointing at reporters as an actress playing Kamala Harris stands next to him.

The Biden character then wanders off stage, and “Harris” quickly collects him and brings him back, leading him to the podium.

The sketch mocked Biden’s proclivity for gaffes, with the actor saying he’s there to talk about the “crisis in Spain.” “Harris” then whispers in his ear to correct him.

“We’re going to talk about the crisis in Africa,” he says. “Harris” then corrects him yet again. Finally on the topic of Russia, “Biden” has a difficult time recalling the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Listen to me,” the fake Biden says. “I have a very important message for you. The message is…”

“Biden” falls asleep in the middle of a sentence, prompting “Harris” to wake him up.

The clip has been widely shared on social media.


Saudi TV mocks Biden and Kamala Harris with SNL-style viral skit

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