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January 1, Video: Russia Seizes Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Power Plant



Russian forces in Ukraine seized Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, sparking worldwide alarm.

The Russian assault on the Zaporizhzhia plant showed how reckless the invasion has been, U.S. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

“It just raises the level of potential catastrophe to a level that nobody wants to see,” Kirby said.

Though officials later said the plant was safe and a fire had been put out, they worry about the precarious circumstances, with Ukrainian staff now operating under Russian control.

An official at Energoatom, the Ukrainian state nuclear plant operator, said there was no further fighting and radiation was normal, but his organization no longer had contact with the plant’s management or control over potentially dangerous material.

“Europeans, please wake up. Tell your politicians – Russian troops are shooting at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said.


Russians take Ukraine nuclear plant; no radiation after fire

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