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January 1, University under fire for training staff that white men and heterosexuals are “oppressors”



James Madison University is under fire for training its student employees to treat individuals that are either male, white, heterosexual, or Christian as “oppressors.”

The unusual instructions come as part of a specialized social justice and inclusion training offered to students who work in the Office of Student Affairs.

The instructors list oppressors as people who identify as male, cisgender, heterosexual, hetero-romantic, Christian, White, Western European, American, upper- to middle-class, thin/athletic build, able-bodied or in their 30s to early 50s, according to Fox News.

“The training was held to help ensure that every student guide for freshmen orientation had the tools and understanding to work with incoming students, who might have a different background than their own,” the university told Fox News in a statement.


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