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— Former student kills 2, 
— injures 4 in shooting

(USA TODAY) – A former student opened fire in a classroom building at a North Carolina university on Tuesday night, killing two people and injuring four others as students finished the last day of classes before final exams and prepared for a campus concert.

Police disarmed and apprehended the suspect in the room where pistol shots rang out, said Jeff Baker, police chief at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, crediting the officers’ actions with saving lives.

“This is a truly tragic day,” Baker said.

Mueller frustrated with Barr over portrayal of findings

(AP) – Special counsel Robert Mueller expressed frustration to Attorney General William Barr last month about how the findings of his Russia investigation were being portrayed, saying he worried that a letter summarizing the main conclusions of the probe lacked the necessary context and was creating public confusion about his team’s work, a Justice Department official said Tuesday night.

Mueller communicated his agitation in a letter to the Justice Department just days after Barr issued a four-page document that summarized the special counsel’s conclusions about whether President Donald Trump’s campaign had conspired with Russia and whether the president had tried to illegally obstruct the probe. Mueller and Barr then had a phone call on which the same concerns were addressed. The official was not authorized to discuss Mueller’s letter by name.


(FOX NEWS) – The head of Venezuela’s feared secret police has turned his back on disputed President Nicolas Maduro in an open letter made public Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Maduro took to Venezuela’s airwaves to proclaim that the uprising sparked by opposition leader Juan Guaidó had been defeated. In a rambling address, Maduro said his regime had responded to the rebellion with “nerves of steel, maximum serenity and effective action” and claimed that the leaders of the uprising were under arrest and being questioned.

Hunter Biden BREAKS UP WITH his brother’s widow

(THE DAILY MAIL) – Joe Biden’s son Hunter, 49, has reportedly split from his partner of two years Hallie Biden, 45, who was the widow of his late brother Beau.

The break-up comes on the heels of Joe Biden’s highly anticipated presidential campaign announcement just last week.  In 2016 Biden said he didn’t run for president because he was grieving over Beau’s death and was notably mum on his son Hunter’s tawdry affair that tarnished his family’s wholesome reputation.

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