August 21, 2022

U.S. Worried About Growing Relationship Between China and Russia

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Chinese troops are heading to Russia for strategic military exercises for the first time since 2018, with representatives from both countries saying it will be “business as usual.”

Reuters reported that the Vostok (East) exercises will commence from August 30 until September 5. Approximately 300,000 Chinese military troops attended drills in the region in 2018.

Military specialist Mathieu Boulegue told the outlet that the event should be “interesting” with the troops and gear “already deployed, rotated, lost and killed in Ukraine since February.”

Officials from the China Defense Ministry released a statement saying that the drills “are in no way related to the current international and regional situation.”

When asked about the event, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said China “absolutely” has the right to participate.

“The broader point is that we have seen a burgeoning relationship, including in the security realm, between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Russia,” Price said.

“We’ve seen a burgeoning relationship between Russia and Iran, for example, and we have made public elements of that. That is of concern because of the vision that the PRC, countries like the PRC, countries like Russia, have for the international order. It is a vision that is starkly at odds to the liberal vision that we and our allies and partners have for the international system.”

Sources: Newsweek | U.S. Department of State

3 comments on U.S. Worried About Growing Relationship Between China and Russia

  1. Hugh Tjardon says:

    Russia equals Nazi Germany and China equals Imperial Japan. We’ve seen this movie.

  2. diane says:

    then why in hell are they letting China buy even one piece of land in the USA it must stop ????

  3. B.W Mullins says:

    The Leaders in the US government have been bought and paid for already. Our own president’s family have financial ties with both countries in question. The government parties are both greedy, leaders of industry would and has sold out our country for greater Wealth. Family’s care more for personal and financial security than the welfare of our democracy. Material items have replaced values and character. America is about to pay a terrible price for turning its back on God & Country.

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