August 24, 2022

TV Broadcaster Fired for Insulting Trump On-Air

An Atlanta, Georgia, TV station fired a longtime chief political analyst for insulting former President Donald Trump during a live broadcast.

Bill Crane’s problematic remark came during WSB-TV’s Channel 2 Action News broadcast on Sunday evening when he referred to Trump’s “looming orange face.”

“Labor Day is when undecided voters, non-aligned voters really start focusing on the election ahead,” Crane said. “And keeping Donald Trump and his fantasy of elections being stolen in November of 2020 in play keeps Donald Trump and his looming orange face in front of voters at a time when they’re trying to decide how they’re going to vote.”

The station announced Monday that it had terminated Crane over his commentary, reasoning that it was incompatible with WSB-TV’s promise to deliver “fair and unbiased” coverage.

“During Sunday evening’s Channel 2 Action News at 6:00, Bill Crane, a frequent guest as an outside third-party political analyst, uttered remarks about former President Donald Trump that are not aligned with our commitment to fair and unbiased reporting and analysis,” WSB-TV Vice President and General Manager Ray Carter said in a statement.

“As a result, we’re ending our relationship with Mr. Crane, effective immediately,” the statement concluded.

Crane addressed the situation in a statement on Facebook, saying his remark was met with complaints by viewers who found it “extremely offensive.”

Station management “felt that I had crossed a line, that the attack was personal (on President Trump), and that I had demonstrated bias against Trump and the GOP, which was not recoverable,” Crane said.

“I have previously referred, in print and broadcast, to the former President as ‘The Orange Man,’ though admittedly always with a smile,” he continued. “I’m sure that strong supporters of the former President find that offensive. And I do apologize for that, as the comment last night and in other instances was not meant to offend.”

Source: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution | WSB-TV | Yahoo! News

22 comments on TV Broadcaster Fired for Insulting Trump On-Air

  1. Bill says:

    He can take his so called apology and shove it. They are always “sorry” only after they are caught and suffer the consequences.

    1. Frank says:

      So true !

    2. Von Potter says:

      AMEN to that Bill……….Should have mentioned that JB was seen on the “Walking Dead”………….At least that is what our Mayor stated in his recent speech……….

    3. Ernest Williams says:

      I agree. But the station allowed it to air, so they are as guilty.

  2. Clarence Archer says:

    To be woke, is to also be broke.

    Now that guy has lost his job over nothing. Every person is different from the next and is an individual act of creation and unfortunately we have lost our perfection and true beauty long ago.

    Makes me wonder what he thinks about the color black, or red, or yellow?

    1. Von Potter says:

      When JB was elected (LOL) WE THE PEOPLE lost everything that made the USA a GREAT PLACE……….Clarence

      1. Steven Fletcher says:


  3. Congratulations to this station for taking the correct action. It’s about time the disparaging comments from the vicious liberal people are no longer tolerated – If anyone dared called a liberal congressperson or President names such as has been the consistent deragatory lambasting of President Trump they would have been fired. Thank you!

    1. Don says:

      Agreed. It’s time these loudmouths are held accountable and actually start providing real news instead of lying all of the time to cover for liberal liars.

      1. Steve Fletcher says:

        I’m not sure that there is such a thing as non biased news, especially in the last six years or so

    2. Steve Fletcher says:

      You are totally correct!

  4. Gerald Ladd says:

    He can get hired at CNN.

    1. Von Potter says:

      Put him on the “VIEW”, he would fit right in……….2nd choice would be MSNBC………..

      1. Steve Fletcher says:

        That’s another tv show that desperately needs some correction

    2. Sandy says:

      Apparently not as CNN has fired several liberal talking heads as the new owner has decided they are returning to “fair and unbiased reporting”…………I will believe it when I see it!

      1. Ernest Williams says:

        Sure they will Wink,Wink.Wink.


    Trump wields power without even trying! This is a good omen. It only confirms the good he’s done as president. As for this Bill Crane character, seems to be a crap shoot as to which foot is going to end up in his big mouth.

  6. Dawn B says:

    Thank you WSB-TV for having the decency for not simply slapping the wrist of Mr. Crane, as the majority of news broadcasting stations have and quite frankly still do, but by your actions you are setting an example of your public employee’s demeaning characterization of President Trump. Hopefully your actions will resonate throughout the industry. Thank you

    1. Von Potter says:

      We all know that the media is corrupt and totally anti-GOP………Its already been stated that the media is not filled with FACT FINDING JOURNALISTS anymore, but those positions are filled with undocumented and leftist socialists……..

  7. Heidi says:

    This Bill Crane is a fool of a man, now out of a job because he didn’t know his place. Congrats to the Station for doing the right thing. Anyway…Pres Trump’s face does loom large over these leftist loonies and they just cannot handle it. I am enjoying their meltdowns.

  8. LMB says:

    Finally, an A-hole gets what he deserves!

  9. Ellis Redding says:

    To claim after the fact on his FB page that no insult was intended when he calls President Trump “orange face” is disingenuous at best and a bold face lie at its worst. We’ve all heard left winger insults against Trump and it’s always intended as an insult. Very pleased that the TV station did the right thing.

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