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Tucker Goes Full Twitter, CNN Goes Full Twit



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Well, folks, the good ol’ mainstream media is at it again, slingin’ mud and callin’ names. This time, they’ve got their sights set on Tucker Carlson, brandin’ him a “right-wing extremist” just ’cause he’s movin’ his show over to Twitter to promote free speech.

CNN recently referred to Tucker Carlson as a “right-wing extremist” in a report discussing the former Fox News host’s announcement that he will bring his show to Twitter to promote free speech. According to CNN, Carlson praised Twitter as the only remaining large free-speech platform in the world after Fox News terminated him late last month.

The news network’s Twitter account also shared the paragraph containing the controversial label. The CNN report claimed that Twitter has become a chaotic platform where the traditional press faces attacks from the billionaire. It also alleged that Carlson’s high show ratings resulted from anti-immigrant rhetoric, false conspiracy theories, and the promotion of white nationalist talking points. The report similarly referred to former President Donald Trump as “right-wing.”

Prominent right-leaning Twitter users criticized the report, sparking debates across the platform.

Now, C’mon. Callin’ the man an extremist seems like a stretch longer than the Mississippi River. It’s like these media folks can’t help themselves; they gotta label anybody who don’t toe the line as some kind of dangerous outsider.


But let’s take a step back and remember what free speech is all about. It’s a cornerstone of our great country, a right our Foundin’ Fathers thought important enough to enshrine in the First Amendment. So if Tucker wants to take his show to Twitter to spread his message, who are we—or CNN, for that matter—to say he can’t?

Seems to me like this whole debacle is just another example of the mainstream media tryin’ to control the narrative, shuttin’ down voices they don’t like and silencin’ those who dare to question their authority. I reckon it’s high time we put a stop to this nonsense and let folks speak their minds, whether we agree with ’em or not.

So to Tucker Carlson and all the other independent voices out there, keep fightin’ the good fight. We need more folks willin’ to stand up for free speech and the values that make this country great.