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January 1, Trump’s Impeachment Trial Starts Today



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Toyota passes GM as the world’s largest auto maker. 

Good Morning Middle Americans, 

It’s going down in the Senate today. After all the pomp and circumstance we saw last week, today things are going to happen. The senate will start by debating the rules today including whether witnesses will be allowed. While some want us to believe that this is a sacred Constitutional process, the true motives behind the senators’ votes will be pure politics. And if you believe a new CNN poll, things are about to get interesting. 

There were lots of big guns on display in the streets of Richmond yesterday, but only one arrest and no violence, despite warnings from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. 

Finally the Trump administration plans on implementing new restrictions on birth tourism. Some legal experts say the plan is in conflict with the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. 

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– Fraser Dixon 

McConnell Proposes Swift Impeachment Trial with Long Days

(AP) – On the eve of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the Senate leader proposed a compressed calendar for opening statements, White House lawyers argued for swift rejection of the “flimsy” charges and the Capitol braced for the contentious proceedings unfolding in an election year.

Final trial preparations were underway Monday on a tense day of plodding developments with Trump’s legacy — and the judgment of both parties in Congress — at stake.

The president’s legal team, in its first full filing for the impeachment court, argued that Trump did “absolutely nothing wrong” and urged the Senate to swiftly reject the “flawed″ case against him.

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51% Say Senate Should Remove Trump from Office

(CNN) – About half of Americans say the Senate should vote to convict President Donald Trump and remove him from office in the upcoming impeachment trial (51%), according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, while 45% say the Senate should vote against conviction and removal.

Nearly seven in 10 (69%) say that upcoming trial should feature testimony from new witnesses who did not testify in the House impeachment inquiry. And as Democrats in the Senate seek to persuade at least four Republican senators to join them on votes over allowing witnesses in the trial, the Republican rank and file are divided on the question: 48% say they want new witnesses, while 44% say they do not.

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No Violence, Only One Arrest Reported at Large Virginia Pro-Gun Rally

(The Hill) – A massive pro-gun rally in Virginia’s capital on Monday remained peaceful despite reported threats of violence from white nationalist groups.

Photos and videos showed thousands of gun rights supporters marching in the streets of Richmond, Va., many armed with assault-style weapons or other firearms, while hundreds passed metal detectors to the grounds of the state capitol where a temporary firearm restriction was in place and an area for speakers was set up.

An unidentified 21-year-old woman was arrested for violating a temporary anti-mask statute put in effect by Gov. Ralph Northam (D), but no other arrests were initially reported, according to The Washington Post.

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Trump Administration Targets ‘Birth Tourism’ with New Vetting Plans for Visas

(ABC News) – The Trump administration plans to move forward with a new rule aimed at stopping what it calls “birth tourism” — pregnant women traveling to the U.S. to have a “citizen child,” a State Department official confirmed to ABC News Monday.

“This change is intended to address the national security and law enforcement risks associated with birth tourism, including criminal activity associated with the birth tourism industry,” the official said in a statement.

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