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January 1, Trump Urges Russia to Stop ‘Holocaust’ Against Ukraine



Former President Donald Trump urged Russia to end its invasion of Ukraine, calling it a “Holocaust.”

During an interview with Fox Business, Trump said “something could be done with [Russia] right now” to stop the conflict. Host Maria Bartiromo asked the former president for his thoughts on a solution.

“Well, you have to work out a deal. They have to stop killing these people,” Trump said. “They’re killing all of these people, and they have to stop it, and they have to stop it now.”

“But they don’t respect the United States and the United States is like, I don’t know, they’re not doing anything about it. This is a — this is a holocaust. This is a horrible thing that’s happening. You’re witnessing and you’re seeing it on television every night.”

When asked if he believed Ukraine should be allowed to join NATO, Trump said: “Right now, it would be a lot easier to say yes than it would have been six months ago.”

During his interview with Bartiromo, Trump lauded Zelensky, saying he was “very impressed by him” during their 2019 phone call.


Trump calls the Russian invasion ‘a holocaust,’ urges Russia to stop fighting

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