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January 1, Trump Rallies Supporters as House Impeaches Him



This Day in History | 1998

The House of Representatives votes to impeach President Bill Clinton.

Good Morning Middle Americans, 

It’s pretty crazy to think that exactly 21 years ago today President Clinton was impeached.  President Trump is now suffering the same fate as Clinton. I know we have talked about the president benefitting from impeachment when it comes to his poll numbers, supporters, and fund raising.  But none of the other presidents (Johnson and Clinton) who’ve been impeached has seen their party win the next election.  

Meanwhile, the next step of the impeachment process is in limbo. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to send over the articles of impeachment until she can get some guarantees from Sen. Mitch McConnell. Or — maybe she just doesn’t want this to go any further. 

The circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s suici… I mean jail-house murder are getting curiouser and curiouser.  

Also – a federal appeals court has voided the Obamacare mandate, and it looks like the case will almost certainly move to the Supreme Court. This sets up another life-or-death scenario for the law. And the decision could come right before the 2020 election. 

Another Chinese national has been arrested for trespassing at the President’s winter residence Mar-a-Lago. 

And you have to check some video we have below. The coast guard seized $312 million dollars worth of coke from a high speed narco sub.  Drama on the high seas. 

Read (and watch) all about it below. 

– Fraser Dixon 

Impeachment Vote Split by Partisan Politics 

(AP) – Defiant in the face of a historic rebuke, President Donald Trump labeled his impeachment by the House of Representatives on Wednesday “a suicide march” for the Democratic Party as he delivered a rambling two-hour rally speech that overlapped the vote.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame,” Trump told the crowd in battleground Michigan, where he took the stage just minutes before becoming only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. “It’s a disgrace”

It was a dramatic and discordant split-screen moment, with Trump emerging from a mock fireplace like Santa Claus at the Christmas-themed rally as the impeachment debate in Washington played out. It was also Trump’s longest rally ever, according to the tracking site Factbase, clocking in at two hours and one minute.

Read more here

Watch the president’s rally from Battle Creek Michigan here

Pelosi Pauses Impeachment Trial While Waiting from Assurances 

(New York Times) – Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated Wednesday night that the House could indefinitely delay sending the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate, leaving ambiguous the timing of a trial to decide whether to acquit him or convict and remove him from office.

The strategy suggested she was keeping the charges as leverage in a coming negotiation over the terms of a Senate trial.

But it could leave the matter in limbo until early January, delaying the start of a trial for an unknown period of time.

“We will make our decision as to when we are going to send it when we see what they are doing on the Senate side,” Ms. Pelosi said. “So far, we have not seen anything that looks fair to us.”

Read more about Pelosi’s impeachment strategy here

Jail Video Surveillance from Jeffrey Epstein’s First Suicide Attempt is Missing

(CNBC) – Video surveillance footage of the jailhouse area outside of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s cell from the time of his first reported suicide effort in July is now missing, a lawyer for Epstein’s former cellmate said Wednesday night.

Attorneys for the cellmate, an ex-police officer accused by federal prosecutors of four murders, had been seeking the video since two days after Epstein, 66, allegedly tried to kill himself in the Manhattan Correctional Center on July 23.

“We were told that it was not retained,” said one of those lawyers, Bruce Barket, in an email to CNBC.

“Obviously if it was destroyed or lost that is disturbing,” Barket said. “We are waiting on an explanation before deciding how to proceed.”

Find out more about the mysterious circumstances around Epstein’s death here

Federal Appeals Court Voids Obamacare Mandate

(Politico) – A federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down Obamacare’s individual mandate in a decision that immediately thrusts the health care law to the forefront of the 2020 elections.

However, the appeals court ruling largely ducked the central question of whether the rest of the Affordable Care Act remained valid after Congress removed the penalty for not having health insurance. The three-judge panel instead sent the case back to a Texas federal judge, who previously threw out the entire law, to reconsider how much of Obamacare could survive.

Find out what the ruling means for your healthcare here

Chinese National Arrested for Illegally Entering Mar-a-Lago

(AP) – A Chinese national trespassed at President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club Wednesday and was arrested when she refused to leave, police said, the second time this year a woman from that country has been charged with illicitly entering the Florida resort.

Jing Lu, 56, was confronted by the private club’s security officers and told to leave, but she returned to take photos, Palm Beach police spokesman Michael Ogrodnick said in an email. Palm Beach officers were called and arrested her. It was determined she had an expired visa, Ogrodnick said.

Lu was charged with loitering and prowling and was being held late Wednesday at the Palm Beach County jail.

Read more here

Watch: Coast Guard Seize $312 Million in Cocaine from ‘Go-Fast’ Narco Sub

(ABC News) – The U.S. Coast Guard has seized over 18,000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $312 million in a series of drug busts in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

The operation, part of joint efforts involving five separate Coast Guard cutter crews, concluded with one vessel, the Bertholf, off-loading the entire amount seized at the marine terminal in San Diego on Wednesday.

Each crew was responsible for locating thousands of pounds of drugs between mid-October and early December, the U.S. Coast Guard said in a news release.

Watch the seizure here

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