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January 1, Trump Dismisses Worries of Recession, Says Economy Is Strong



President Trump told reporters,“I don’t think we’re having a recession,” as he returned to Washington from his New Jersey golf club. “We’re doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they’re loaded up with money.”

Is that how you feel about the economy right now? Will we or won’t we have an economic downturn? Just about everything in politics depends on how the economy performs and that includes President Trump’s re-election chances.  That economic and political anxiety might also have something to do with the president’s ramped-up attacks on Fox News.  Meanwhile, the Democrat’s frontrunner Joe Biden, is starting to see his on-line fundraising numbers trail off, a sure sign that enthusiasm about his campaign is trailing off as well.  Also, what would you do if you were stuck the tarmac for 8 hours? Some Delta passengers started a brawl. Read all about it below. 

– Fraser Dixon  

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Trump Trashes Fox News

(Mediaite) – “Fox has changed, and my worst polls have always been from Fox,” Trump said. 

“There’s something going on at fox. I’ll tell you right now. And I’m not happy with it.”

See what else President Trump had to say about Fox News from Mediatie here

Joe Biden’s Online Fundraising Trails Off

(Politico) – Joe Biden raised $4.6 million online on his first day in the 2020 presidential race, surprising doubters who thought the former vice president couldn’t run a modern campaign. But since then Biden’s online fundraising has tumbled — looking more like flash-in-the-pan opponent Beto O’Rourke than top-tier rivals like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

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Brawl breaks out on delayed Delta flight at JFK airport

(New York Post) – “This has gotten out of control — there are people fighting each other and it’s gotten both verbal and physical,” passenger Juan Andres Ahmad wrote on Twitter. “Police are on the plane! Complete chaos!”

“I understand weather delays and we all want to be safe but this is not about weather but about how Delta has handled it.”

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