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Trump/Biden 2024 Rematch Could Be a Blowout



A new Rasmussen poll shows former President Donald Trump has a double-digit lead over President Joe Biden in a potential 2024 rematch.

Data shows 45% of likely voters would pick Trump, whereas 32% would select Biden. The disparity is even greater among political independents, with the voters choosing Trump 47%-20%.

Additionally, 17% percent of participants said they’d choose a different candidate altogether, and 6% said they were undecided. Surprisingly, 15% of Democrats said they’d vote for Trump. Conversely, 8% of Republicans would pick Biden.

“Only 69% of those who say they voted for Biden last year would vote for him again if the election were held today. Eight percent (8%) of Biden’s 2020 voters would switch to Trump, who would get 83% support from those who voted for him last year,” the analysis read.

The new results come amid Biden’s slipping approval numbers across the country, as the underwhelmed American public deals with things like inflation and supply chain issues.

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Trump Would Win Rematch With Biden