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Transgender Teen Brawl Raises Concerns About School Safety



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An 18-year-old student from Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California, addressed school officials at a board meeting, voicing concerns over a viral video involving a transgender teen fighting with girls at the school.

The student raised questions about the safety of female students and the affirmation of the transgender teen’s identity.

According to the concerned student, the transgender teen had been accessing the girls’ restroom and locker room, causing discomfort for other female students.

The girl questioned the board on the lack of action taken to protect the safety of these women.

FOX 11 Los Angeles reported that the transgender student had a history of erratic behavior. Students claimed that fights involving the same student happened frequently.


Some accused the school board of only being interested in the incident due to media and social media attention.

Many concerned students and parents expressed their opinions at the meeting, with some suggesting that the school should have taken action after the first incident.

Riverside Unified School District released a statement confirming that the student involved would no longer be attending King High School.

Tom Hunt, the board clerk, placed blame on California state lawmakers for the situation, citing their role in creating laws catering to transgender students.

California passed AB 1266 in 2014, allowing transgender students to participate in school activities and use facilities corresponding to their gender identity. State lawmakers are currently considering mandating gender-neutral bathrooms in public schools by 2025.