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January 1, Time’s Up CEO resigns in the wake of Cuomo scandal



Time’s Up CEO and president Tina Tchen resigned in the wake of news that leaders group advised former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration after being accused of sexual misconduct.

“I am especially aware that my position at the helm of TIME’S UP has become a painful and divisive focal point, where those very women and other activists who should be working together to fight for change are instead battling each other in harmful ways,” Tchen said in a statement.

Tchen’s resignation comes after Roberta Kaplan stepped down as chair of the board of directors of Time’s Up, a group that advocates for sexual harassment victims, on Aug. 9. An independent investigation explicitly named Kaplan and implicitly indicated Tchen as advising Cuomo on discrediting his accusers.

Tchen became CEO and president in 2019 after Lisa Borders stepped down following sexual misconduct allegations against her son.


Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen resigns in wake of Cuomo scandal

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