August 30, 2021

‘Thousands’ of ISIS prisoners released by Taliban, Pentagon confirms

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on ‘Thousands’ of ISIS prisoners released by Taliban, Pentagon confirms

The Pentagon confirmed the Taliban freed “thousands” of ISIS Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) prisoners during their takeover of Afghanistan in the days leading up to the bombing outside the Kabul airport. The deadly incident killed over 70 people, including 13 US troops.

“How many ISIS-K prisoners were left at Bagram and are believed to have been released from the prison there, and why weren’t they removed before the U.S. pulled out to some place like GTMO?” Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin asked Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

“Well, I don’t know the exact number. Clearly, it’s in the thousands when you consider both prisons because both of them were taken over by the Taliban and emptied. But I couldn’t give you a precise figure,” Kirby said.


Pentagon says ‘thousands’ of ISIS-K prisoners released by Taliban

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