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January 1, ‘There Was No Collusion’ | NY Times Slammed For Kavanaugh Hit Piece | Biden, Warren Top New 2020 Poll



This Day in History | 1793

George Washington lays the first corner stone at the U.S. Capitol 

Good morning Middle Americans!

Once again we were all reminded how fruitless the Democrats quest to impeach President Trump has been yesterday. Former Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was questioned for hours by members of the House Judiciary Committee.  But Lewandowski held is own against aggressive democrats, even earning a that-a-boy from the president after his day on Capitol Hill concluded. 

Also today, the New York Times continues to take heat for the way it position a story about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and new sexual assault allegation from when Kavanaugh was a student at Yale.  And a new poll out today from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows former Vice President Joe Biden still sitting pretty at the top of the polls, with Elizabeth Warren not far behind. Which is amazing considering Biden’s recent string of gaffes.  Read all about it!

– Fraser Dixon 

Lewandowski: Nothing to Hide, ‘There Was No Collusion’

(Fox News) – “I’ve spent more than 20, maybe 25 hours answering questions before the House Intelligence Committee, the special counsel’s office,” Lewandowski said. “I have nothing to hide because we never committed any crimes in the campaign.”

Watch Corey Lewandowski’s interview after his hearing on Capitol Hill here

Meanwhile Axios reports that “Lewandowski’s grudging, impudent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday may have wound up bolstering Speaker Pelosi’s hands-off approach to impeachment.”

NY Times Challenged Over Kavanaugh Allegations

(AP) – Between an offensive tweet and a significant revision, The New York Times’ handling of a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh attracted almost as much attention as the accusation itself.

The story also gave President Donald Trump and his allies fresh ammunition in his campaign against the media, where the Times was already a favorite target.

The failure to initially report that the woman did not remember the alleged incident “is one of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice in recent memory,” John McCormack wrote in the conservative magazine National Review.

“How is this not a front-page story?” wrote Tom Jones of the journalism think tank the Poynter Institute.

Read more about the New York’s Times failed Kavanaugh hit piece here

Biden, Warren Gain Strongly in WSJ/NBC News Poll

(NBC News / Wall Street Journal) – Thirty-one percent of the 506 Democratic primary voters surveyed named Biden as their top choice, versus 25% for Warren and 14% for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Warren’s finish was six points higher than in a July survey, while Biden’s was five points. Sanders only gained a point.

The poll, taken Friday through Monday, followed Thursday’s third Democratic debate at Texas Southern University in Houston.

See the complete poll here

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