September 11, 2022

WATCH: “The View” Host Under Fire for Remarks About Queen Elizabeth II

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin is under fire for on-air comments about the late Queen Elizabeth II, saying she led a monarchy “built on the backs of black and brown people.”

The panelists had been discussing Queen Elizabeth’s life and passing when Hostin said she believes “we can mourn the Queen and not the empire.”

“Because if you really think about what the monarchy was built on, it was built on the backs of black and brown people,” Hostin continued.

“She wore a crown with pillaged stones from India and Africa, and now what you are seeing, at least in the black communities that I’m a part of, they want reparations,” Hostin added, noting that people in Barbados and Jamaica are waiting for said reparations.

“It’s time for him to modernize this monarchy and … provide reparations to all of those colonies. And I also think, you know, [in] a monarchy, it’s very easy to uplift one family. The harder thing is to uplift all families, and I think he’s in a position to be able to do that,” she said.

Hostin went so far as to agree with a Carnegie Melon professor’s viral tweet that Twitter removed.

However, co-host Sara Haines said it’s “important to separate the Queen from the monarchy and the empire.” Haines said she was saddened to see social media posts wishing ill upon Elizabeth after her passing.

Haines mentioned a viral tweet from a Carnegie Mellon professor that said, “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving, raping, genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.” Twitter removed the post on Thursday for violating its code of conduct.

While Hostin conceded that it’s important to separate the Queen from the British Empire, she explicitly agreed with the tweet.

“It was a thieving, raping, genocidal empire,” Hostin said. “That’s all true.”

Source: Fox News

24 comments on WATCH: “The View” Host Under Fire for Remarks About Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Suzanne Boughton says:

    This is why I never watch “The View” and never will. These women do NOT represent me in any wayl.

    1. Carolyne says:

      Nor do they represent anyone else with a brain! To have a program with a bunch of racist, biased ,ignorant women such as those on the VIEW is an insult to every American and reflects negatively on our country. Surely ABC has someone of intelligence on their board that can finally rid us of this inflamatory program.

      1. Ann says:

        In agreement 100%. Those women are vileness to the extreme! They’re a disgrace and all American women with any scruples should voice together and demand the program be canceled! The example they express is destructive to all!!

        1. Ken says:

          I hope Sonny gets attacked by the axe-wielding maniac in NY!!!

    2. Pia says:

      …but they (the View) do represent ignorance, and hate.

    3. Steven J Fuller says:

      100% in agreement

    4. Okie Woman says:

      These women are VILE excuses for humans!

  2. josephine Mauro says:

    The View has despicable racist people. Can you imagine if Fox News made those remarks!

  3. Ron says:

    I can’t even comment on this. The queen is dead and these ignorant, self centered POSs can do is bring up all the negative things. WOW!!! Get a fing life 🤡

  4. Tilly says:

    I never watch The View, just read about it sometimes, but that Sunny Hostin is a big mouth know it all and I can’t stand to look at her. It’s a hostile, mean show and who needs that?

    1. Duke Falcon says:

      Hostin is a mega racist POS.

  5. Jacobite2 says:

    As hard-*ss as the Brits were supposed to be, they never could get a good day’s work out of the Africans. That’s why all the Brit colonies in Africa and the Caribbean are home to so many Indians.
    Trying to build anything on the backs of Africans is ‘way more trouble than it’s worth to most people.
    It’s easier to get a history of Atlantis than a true account of the history of Africans in the US.
    Heck, we can’t even get honest news about what they’re up to today.

    1. dp says:

      Whites were the main slaves in the caribbean were Irish white people – they were 99% worked to death in 5 years average, treated much worse than slaves in the USA, and the brown people were the slave masters —— THAT is why so many Caribbeans are black or brown – they lived and the white slaves died quickly.

      Read the book “they were white, and they were slaves”

  6. Duke Falcon says:

    Skanks, all highly paid skanks who are uneducated, foul mouthed and they no doubt don’t bathe. Off the air with this filth.

  7. Rat Wrangler says:

    England abolished the slave trade in 1807, and then slavery altogether in 1833. Elizabeth II took the throne in 1952, over a century after slavery was ended. She has never owned slaves, nor did she go to Africa to steal the crown jewels. Ms. Hostin is clearly trying to make a racist incident where no racism exists, except in her mind. Puerto Rico abolished slavery long after England did, so it is very possible that some of Ms. Hostin’s ancestors were slave owners more recently than any English aristocracy.

  8. Gerald Ladd says:

    Only the scum of the earth watch the View!

    1. Ann says:

      In agreement 100%. Those women are vileness to the extreme! They’re a disgrace and all American women with any scruples should voice together and demand the program be canceled! The example they express is destructive to all!!

      1. Pia says:

        I have often thought it would be a great idea to gather a crowd of sane people to be the studio audience of these hating, leftist shows, and respond either with boos or silence to their chatter – on live TV.

  9. Jane says:

    I am so sorry that Sonny is so unhappy! She finds no good in anything. She is what being a racist is all about. I’m done with The View. How in the world can she call anyone a racist when she is The Queen of Racialism. I really feel so sorry for her. She has to be so miserable.

  10. tell the ones reperations that they weren’t and haven’t been slaves. It has been almost 250 years since that happened and we were NOT part of the problem.

  11. Blondie says:

    It’s simple to see & hear what all the view panel consist of all the time. They have zero knowledge about anything, much less the QUEEN. I doubt any of them could even spell HISTORY, much less know any history. None of these ignorant fools have any friends, nor do they have anyone who likes them. Evil to the core. Jealous so deeply embedded in all of them. Never has anyone else ever been loved so much as Queen Elizabeth & probably never will there be another. We never heard of anything evil surrounding the Queen, but, only goodness, kindness & sincere concern & care for her people & her country. The USA can’t say that, especially now, as we have so much corruption, trash, dishonesty, hate, lies, fake news, determination to destroy us, we have fallen to the lowest point of respect from the entire world. It’s people like those on the view that show how much hate in inside of them & they would lie to Jesus if he stood in front of them. ABC removed “Wipe Out”, one of the most watched shows ever, yet, they can’t remove the crap that’s like a cancer, destroying everything it touches,The View……..

  12. Perhaps Egypt should pay reparations to Israel, As should the rest of North Africa, for their stealing, burning, looting, pillaging, inslaving, murdering, and raping as well. My family was a victim of British leftistTyrannical behavior. I want reparations..

  13. Bev says:

    The View……I “never watch” it!! I tried one time, and that was one time too many. You have a group of bigoted women complaining, accusing and saying things about people doing what they themselves are doing!! Who and what are watching these woman spout off and showing their ignorance!! I can only see one reason they are still on is they are controversial……..

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