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January 1, The Joke Is on Elizabeth Warren



This Day in History | 1979

The Iran hostage crisis begins when the U.S. Embassy is stormed in Tehran. 

Good Morning Middle Americans, 

Even the writers at Saturday Night Live think Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan is a joke. As the New York Post writes…

“Kate McKinnon played the “She’s got a plan for that” presidential hopeful at a mock event in Iowa, excitably rolling up the sleeves of a red cardigan and mimicking the Massachusetts Democrat’s matronly tones.”

The gut punch to Warren’s laughable health care plan came when McKinnon, I wean Warren delivered this joke…

”Let me stop you right there: We’re talking trillions. You know, when the numbers are this big, they’re . . . they’re just pretend. There ain’t no Scrudge McDuck vault. Right?” Lol.  Watch it here

Also today, we have a report about smugglers breaching new sections of the border wall.  CNN and Buzzfeed have sued the government for access to Robert Mueller’s investigation notes, and both outlets won.  We have a link to a report about what’s in those notes.  Finally, how do you feel about these Kayne Sunday services.  There are reports that hundreds, if not thousands of people have given their lives to God at these events. All this, while Kanye’s latest record hits the top spots on the record charts.  God is good. And good for Kayne’s bottom line. 

Read all about it below. 

Smugglers Breach New Border Wall

(The Washington Post) – Smuggling gangs in Mexico have repeatedly sawed through new sections of President Trump’s border wall in recent months by using commercially available power tools, opening gaps large enough for people and drug loads to pass through, according to U.S. agents and officials with knowledge of the damage. 

The breaches have been made using a popular cordless household tool known as a reciprocating saw that retails at hardware stores for as little as $100. When fitted with specialized blades, the saws can slice through one of the barrier’s steel-and-concrete bollards in minutes, according to the agents, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the barrier-defeating techniques.

Find out more about the vulnerabilities to the new sections of the border wall here

Mueller’s Notes Show Trump’s Desire for Stolen DNC Emails

(CNN) – President Donald Trump and other top 2016 Trump campaign officials repeatedly privately discussed how the campaign could get access to stolen Democratic emails WikiLeaks had in 2016, according to newly released interview notes from Robert Mueller‘s special counsel investigation.

CNN sued the Justice Department for access to Mueller’s witness interview notes, and this weekend’s release marks the first publicly available behind-the-scenes look at Mueller’s investigative work outside of court proceedings and the report itself. Per a judge’s order, the Justice Department will continue to release new tranches of the Mueller investigative notes monthly to CNN and Buzzfeed News, which also sued for them.

Read more about the DNC’s stolen emails here

More than 1000 People ‘Find God’ at Kayne’s Sunday Service on Baton Rouge

(The Advocate) –  Kanye West, the popular, controversial rap star who released his first gospel album last week, staged one of his “Sunday Service” concerts beneath the giant white crosses on the vast Bethany Church South lawn off Rieger Road. Despite the last-minute announcement for the Baton Rouge event, the open-air concert drew thousands.

With neither a stage nor video screens to aid visibility, West and his 80-member “Sunday Service” choir performed on a section of concrete in front of the white crosses that greet drivers on Interstate 10. Concertgoers who found places to stand on two small, nearby hills, had the best view.

Read more from the Baton Rouge local paper The Advocate here

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