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January 1, The GOP’s Nightmare Scenario



This Day in History | 1974

Mohammed Ali defeats George Forman to win the “Rumble in the Jungle”, in Kinshasa, Zaire securing the Heavyweight title for the second time.

Good morning Middle Americans!

Every single day we are seeing evidence of how the impeachment drama is galvanizing the nation. In MAGA country, the president’s support grows stronger. In urban and coastal areas the resistance grows stronger.  The difference will be made by you, Middle America. 

Also today, Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg will return to Capitol Hill today for more testimony. Yesterday, he was greeted by giant pictures of crash victims held by their families members.  Do you think Boeing put profits ahead of passenger safety?

Read all about it below. 

– Fraser Dixon

GOP Impeachment Fears Growing

(Axios) – A growing number of Republicans are privately warning of increasing fears of a total wipeout in 2020: House, Senate, and White House.

Why it matters: All of this is unfolding while the economy still looks strong, and before public impeachment proceedings have officially begun.

House Republicans in swing districts are retiring at a very fast pace, especially in the suburbs of Texas and elsewhere. (Republicans talk grimly of the “Texodus.”) Rep. Greg Walden — the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the only Republican in Oregon’s congressional delegation — yesterday shocked the party by becoming the 19th GOP House member to not seek re-election.

The Republican Senate majority, once considered relatively safe, suddenly looks in serious jeopardy. Democrats are raising more money, and polling better, than Republican incumbents in battleground after battleground.

President Trump trails every major Democratic candidate nationally and in swing states — and his favorable ratings remain well under 50%.

Learn more about the GOP’s nightmare scenario here

Democrats Unveil New Procedures for Impeachment inquiry, Rebutting GOP Attacks

(Washington Post) – House Democrats unveiled new procedures for the impeachment inquiry of President Trump on Tuesday, responding to Republican demands for due process by setting out rules for future public hearings delving into whether Trump should be removed from office.

The resolution backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) hands the lead role to the House Intelligence Committee and its chairman, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), who would have broad latitude to organize extended questioning of potential public witnesses. Two other committees who have so far participated in the closed-door investigation into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine — Foreign Affairs, and Oversight and Reform — would not be permitted to directly participate in the open proceedings under the legislation.

Find out more about the Democrats impeachment proceedings

Families Confront Boeing CEO with Photos of 737 MAX Crash Victims

(NY Post) – More than a dozen relatives of Boeing 737 MAX crash victims confronted the airline’s chief executive on Capitol Hill on Tuesday — with one demanding he look them in the eye and apologize.

The grim-faced family members held up giant photos of their loved ones ahead of Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee.

Reporters captured one tense exchange between the embattled executive and Nadia Milleron, the mother of Samya Stumo — who was killed in the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash in March.

See images of the dramatic testimony from the NY Post here

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