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January 1, Thankful for America



Happy Thanksgiving Middle America,

On a day like today, it is important to look back with gratitude on all we have and those close to us. Yes, we do like to point out that our nation, is for the most part, run by fools. But there is truly no greater country on this planet than America. And the best part of America is Middle America. I don’t me geographically per se. Although – what I’m talking about is often referred to as fly-over country. I mean the men and women who make up the quiet majority. Those of us out here paying our taxes, and way too much for health insurance. Those of out here wishing the people in Washington D.C. would do their jobs and make our lives easier instead of harder. You Middle Americans are the reason why I’m thankful . Well, y’all and my family.

Today image is a picture I took recently of downtown Des Moines Iowa. I was there to cover the Democratic candidates and their presidential campaigns. On this Thanksgiving day 2019, we are just 67 days away from the Iowa caucuses. And that’s when the proverbial sh1t is going to get real.

We hope that you are grateful for the stories we bring you each day. From all of us here at Middle America News – thank you.

Fraser Dixon

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