June 29, 2022

WATCH: Texas Rep Says Pelosi “Pushed” Her Daughter

Texas Rep. Mayra Flores (R) says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “pushed” her daughter at her recent swearing-in ceremony.

“I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her,” Flores tweeted alongside a video of the incident. “She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a queen.”

Flores added: “No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!”

A spokesperson for Pelosi said the Speaker’s intentions were being misrepresented.

“It’s sad to see ‘news outlets’ that know better misrepresent the Speaker’s effort to ensure Rep. Flores’ daughters wouldn’t be hidden behind her in all of the photos of such an important moment for their family,” said Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff.

5 comments on WATCH: Texas Rep Says Pelosi “Pushed” Her Daughter

  1. Fb111 says:

    Typical Pelousy tactic! Lie to you when the truth would work!

  2. Dr. Dawg says:

    When you are the Queen you can do what you darn well please! That includes lying about it later knowing the MSM will CYA……

  3. Centurion says:

    It’s too bad Rep. Mayra Flores didn’t push back.

  4. Jacobite2 says:

    Pelosi is something you scrape off the sole of your shoe. I can’t think of anything that would be too low for her — just like Hillary!

  5. Wake up and smell the coffee DUMMIES!!!!!!! says:

    From the looks in the picture HOW THE F— DO YOU KNOW SHE PUSHED YOUR DAUGHTER YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR WAY TO BUSY STARING AND TRYING TO LOOK PRETTY FOR THE CAMERA, and if you really look at the picture she is turned sideways so the kids are in full view of the camera. But it is Pelosi so it stands to reason a bunch of empty headed MORONS again have to have there comments heard even if everyone knows they sound as stupid as the idiots who wrote them.

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