April 14, 2022

Texas Governor Buses Migrants to DC

1935: Black Sunday – Severe dust storm ravages the US Midwest, led to the region being named “the Dust Bowl.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) followed through on his promise to send a bus full of migrants to Washington, D.C.

Fox News anchor John Roberts posted a photo of the bus parked outside the offices of several news outlets on Capitol Hill.

“Texas Governor [Greg Abbott] carries out his pledge to transport illegal migrants to Washington, DC. The bus pulled up right in front of the building that houses [Fox News], [NBC News], and [CSPAN],” Roberts wrote on Twitter.

Abbott announced his plans during a press conference last week, saying he’d send to the migrants to the nation’s capital so that President Joe Biden could “immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.”

The White House waved off Abbott’s plans as a “publicity stunt.”


Bus with migrants sent by Texas governor arrives in DC

19 comments on Texas Governor Buses Migrants to DC

  1. Renee Palmer says:

    Good ! biden want’s them everywhere, except washington d c, and his home state of Deleware…. make sure Delaware has a healty
    dose of Reality too …. after ALL if WE ar expected to take care of his ( hopefully ) future democrates …. so can Washington DC and Delaware !!

    1. Max says:

      Make very sure thy are dropped off at the doorsteps. Tell the immigrants to knock on the door and say were hear!
      Give them the medicine were having to take.

  2. Brenda says:

    Thank Giv Abbott for taking initiative. About time and What happened to all thiose children without parents with them?

    1. szq says:

      Yeah, there is something very suspicious with that! All those dudes were dressed up quite proper & neat.

  3. Joy says:

    In addition to DC how about to the neighborhoods of Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schift & Maxine Waters. Good for you Governor Abbot!

    1. Diz says:

      Amen to that!

    2. Millie says:

      YES……. A THOUSAND TIMES YES !! Take a busload to Biden’s home in Delaware ! Also, a busload to Kamala Harris’ home (wherever that is) and a busload to the homes of all those other Democrats who want the borders to remain ‘open’ to all comers, no matter who they are. They deserve it.

    3. Cat says:

      I agree completely. If they want them so much, then send them to them. Let them overrun their neighborhoods, let them commit crimes against them, let them support them, themselves instead of forcing them upon the citizens who do not want them. They are destroying our country, with the left’s blessings, so send them all to the left and let them deal with them, not us.

  4. Marie Mooney says:

    It’s about time someone stepped up. Come on, GOP Let’s show some Backbone. Biden built a wall around his Mansion, But he Opened the door for this country……….WHY !

  5. Irene Yoars says:

    Rene: Biden needs about 10 bus loads in Delaware. Pelosi needs 20.

  6. Suan says:

    I thought Trump’s Wall was supposed to keep these people out? Why has the Wall failed? Maybe because the Wall was never completed under Trump and Mexico did NOT pay for the Wall as he promised? FYI: you and I, taxpayers, paid for what little was constructed.

    These migrants are the lucky ones. In DC they have resources to help them become productive American Citizens-or jailing them if they are not respectable.

    1. szq says:

      Uhh, where have you been??? Do you not remember who is now our (illegal) president??? HE is the one who IMMEDIATELLY stopped construction on the wall & told everyone to “COM’ON IN!” If Pres. Trump were still in the White House, as he should have been, the Wall would have been COMPLETED by now.
      You last couple sentences are an even bigger “joke”. The vast majority only want free hand-outs, get in as much Fentanyl into to the Country to dope us up, and traffic in as many helpless sex slaves to further demoralize this Nation. Oh, and don’t forget the terrorists that are also infiltrating their ranks and getting a free pass into the U.S. to possibly carry out further mayhem, destruction, and death.
      Yeah, the “resources” that DC has are OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS for THEIR free hand-outs, so why should they want to work, when they can get more “free” provisions: meaning health care, food stamps, education, housing, etc., etc.,
      To say nothing of their also “free pass” regarding Covid: no mandated testing, masks, isolation, social distancing, etc. So just WHO would REALLY be the “super-spreaders”???
      Do ya kinda get the picture yet?????

  7. Kamicka says:

    Good!!!!!! I hope every red state with an ILLEGAL immigration problem, does the exact same thing. Ship them to blue states who want them here. See how long the residents of those states get fed up with the thieving and attacks on their persons.
    Biden SHOULD be impeached on this one act alone. He broke his oath to protect the citizens of this country by opening up the borders and allowing them to come through. SHAME on businesses and farmers, etc., who hire them ILLEGALLY, as well. We have citizens who can’t get ANY help and yet illegals get ALL kinds of help.
    It’s a shame that their gang leaders are our very own government.

  8. Fedd-up says:

    Good for the governor !!!

  9. Tony Funk says:

    Great job! Governor Abbott. Mr. President you invited them to come take them home and feed them.

  10. John Henry says:

    Send them all to blue states and the neighborhoods of those who have allowed this to occur

  11. Thomas Voute says:

    Well, again a stupid action, penalizing the victims.
    What needs to be done, is that stupid CONGRESS to stop dragging their feet act on a reasonable Immigration law, that has been kicked around for years, with NO ACTION. The president can only do, what CONGRESS let’s him do. Yes, it is a problem, but “kick” the people in your state who can act on resolving this problem, your Senators and Congress-people!!!

    1. szq says:

      If that is true: “the president can only do what Congress lets him do”, then WHY was he signing ALL those k-zillion Executive Orders in the VERY FIRST MINUTES of (illegally) taking Office, and totally UNDOING everything positive and good for our Nation that Pres. Trump had & was planning on continuing to do???
      Did anyone else notice that that stack of E.U.’s were already written up, all fancy-dancy and in nice “official” document folders and ready to go? They KNEW that the “FIX” was already in place and so they were all ready even before the “starting gun” went off.

  12. george says:

    guess free speech is not welcome here on this site.

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