April 22, 2022

Tennessee GOP Removes Trump-Backed Candidate from Ballot

The Tennessee GOP has removed a Trump-endorsed candidate from the ballot in the state’s upcoming primary, indicating a rift between the former President Donald Trump and the state’s Republican leaders.

The party’s State Executive Committee voted to bar Morgan Ortagus, who previously served as a State Department spokesperson during the Trump administration, and two others from the primary, finding that they weren’t “bona fide” Republicans, as defined by the party’s bylaws.

Ortagus said she was “deeply disappointed” by the decision.

“I’m a bonafide Republican by their standards, and frankly, by any metric. I’m further disappointed that the party insiders at the Tennessee Republican Party do not seem to share my commitment to President Trump’s America First policies,” Ortagus said.

“As I have said all along, I believe that voters in Middle Tennessee should pick their representative – not establishment party insiders. Our team is evaluating the options before us.”


Tennessee Republicans remove Trump-backed candidate, others from ballot

13 comments on Tennessee GOP Removes Trump-Backed Candidate from Ballot

  1. Trish says:

    You can obviously sense the fear in the rino’s actions. They may not want her on the ballot, then they should remember we can write in who we want, and it isn’t the rinos.

    1. LMFAO says:

      DO YOU LIKE donny trump’s shit?


      1. Pepper says:

        You obviously drank the Kool Aid. Libtards do not want to hear anything that may make them actually think. Name calllng is just showing your lack of maturity. Swearing reinforces that lack. Trump may not have always played nice, but he got the job done. Always said we need businessmen, not politicians, in office.

      2. Josh Bridges says:

        A disgusting remark like that eliminated any credibility you may imagine you have.

      3. Barbara Reinhardt says:

        That is an extremely vulgar comment to make about anyone. What happened to civility? I am sure you could have made your point more effectively without the poor choice of words.

        1. Papa Bear says:

          Civility? Most of the left never heard of the word, and those that have don’t know the definition.

  2. 2004done says:

    I don’t know very little about North Carolina politics (reference to current pResident not knowing where he was, is, or will be; or what he thought, thinks, should consider), but I can remember the first two years of President Trump (when GOP controlled Congress) and used it to delay and fight against our country’s success because they had wanted jeb bush.

  3. Truth Vaccine says:

    I think Putin is doing the only thing you can do to rid oneself of the Globalist infestation.
    Raze everything.
    OOOOOR, give up the evidence against our Western and Globalist rats before you destroy it all.
    G-d Bless America

  4. Jennifer says:

    I believe Putin is removing the Globalists too. I also believe the pictures in Ukraine are staged, the media is complicit in pushing us to intervene and push for war. Why is America sending so much artillery and so many billions of our tax dollars to a non Nato country. Zelensky is part of the cabal. The media is making him the victim, he is just as corrupt as the cabal running our country.

    1. Anna says:

      Yes and the moon landing was staged too I suppose. We are there because America stands for freedom and the taking of innocent lives no matter where it is. If Ukraine is in such good shape and this is all staged you should get off your comfy couch and go live there! People like you are why we have an idiot leading the free world right now.

  5. Suan says:

    Ortagus was one of 3 who were dismissed.

    Here is the rest of the story from the originally sourced article:

  6. SMITH SR says:


  7. carol says:

    Lordy ,Lordy don’t this sound like” I will tell you who you can vote for”!!!! There’s a Rhino or two in in the wood pile if ya ask me; isn’t an election for the people to decide who they want representing them? It sounds like these people think everyone elses’ choices don’t matter JUST THIERS! ITS about who the people of their district choose not the parties if they all think alike never have a different opinion why vote you already know what you have communism dictators etc. . I am surprised a southern man or woman WOULD let some select idiots tell them who they can choose or not who goes on the ballet! This woman should have the people supporting her RAISING HELL for her.

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