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January 1, Tech Firm Uses AI to Help Detect Diseases Early and “Reverse Biological Age”



In the continuous journey to live longer, healthier lives, the spotlight is on technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI).

This technology is now taking bigger strides in the healthcare sector.

A medical tech company in California, Prenuvo, is using full-body MRI scans combined with AI. This helps screen patients for over 500 conditions, such as tumors, cysts, and aneurysms, and all within an hour.

Now, there’s more in store. Prenuvo is joining forces with Cenegenics, a company from Las Vegas.

Cenegenics uses “personalized performance health age management,” keeping an eye on patients’ bloodwork and looking at over 90 markers. This method is believed to help slow down the aging process.

With this new partnership, Cenegenics patients can get Prenuvo’s full-body AI scans.

Andrew Lacy, Prenuvo’s CEO, expressed the shared goal of both companies: transforming healthcare from just reacting to issues to preventing them.

He believes that using both companies’ expertise will give patients a clear and early insight into their health. This way, they can make changes before health issues become serious.

The Cenegenics team is all about helping patients feel and act younger than their age. CEO Kristy Berry shared how the decisions we’ve made in our lives about food, exercise, and rest show up in our blood markers.

By focusing on proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep, supplements, and certain medicines, Cenegenics says patients can “reverse their biological age.”

Now, AI will play a bigger role in this. Berry sees AI as a useful tool that adds to Cenegenics’ years of experience. This tech can offer even deeper insights into a patient’s health.

A big part of this new partnership is early disease detection. Prenuvo’s AI aims to spot the tiny signs of disease that even trained doctors might miss.

CEO Lacy shared that their goal is to spot diseases in their early stages, hopefully even before we thought we could.

One patient, Mona, a young mom, had a feeling something wasn’t right with her health. A Prenuvo scan discovered she had thyroid cancer. Because it was caught early, she got treated and is now cancer-free.

Another, Ryan Crownholm, despite feeling healthy, found out through a Prenuvo scan that he had stage 3 kidney cancer. It was early enough for treatment, and he’s now continuing with his life cancer-free.

But as AI gets more popular, Lacy warns about its potential misuse.

He believes that while AI is promising, the focus should be on how it can detect early signs of diseases and help track a person’s health.

In healthcare, it’s vital to ensure that AI genuinely benefits patients.

Lacy stressed, “We know this will take time, so we are investing carefully in AI in innovative and scientifically based ways.”

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