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January 1, Sword-wielding ‘ninja’ attacks Army special-ops unit



According to police records, a sword-wielding man “wearing full ninja garb” attacked a US Army special operations unit in a California desert during the middle of the night.

Authorities said, “the suspect had assaulted a victim at the scene with a sword, and thrown a rock through a hangar window, hitting an additional victim in the head.”

According to the incident report, “an unknown person wearing full ninja garb” approached a staff sergeant during a late-night smoke break.

“Do you know who I am?” the man asked, to which the sergeant replied he did not. “Do you know where my family is?” the man asked. When the sergeant again replied that he did not, “the person in ninja garb began to slash” at him with a katana sword. The report said the assailant struck the sergeant’s leg and phone.

The sergeant immediately ran to a nearby building, locked the doors, and dialed 911. Officers encountered the suspect on a nearby road, who “refused to follow commands and brandished the sword at deputies.” Police successfully chased, tased, and arrested the man. The ninja was identified as Gino Rivera, 35.

The sergeant required stitches but was cleared to return to duty.


A ninja with a sword assailed a U.S. Army special operations unit in California

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