December 8, 2021

Study: China Controlled Its Weather This Summer

A new study from China’s Tsinghua University found that the government used cloud seeding — climate technology that inserts ice nuclei into winter storms by deploying airplanes to release special burn flares within the storm clouds — to control rain and pollution this past summer.

On July 1, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrated its 100th anniversary with a military flyover at Tiananmen Square with a 100-gun salute. Here, the CCP also used the elaborate cloud seeding process.

According to the South China Morning Post, the CCP launched its operation to spur rainfall over the area ahead of the July 1 event. Researchers found that the artificial precipitation reduced air pollutants by more than two-thirds and moved the air quality index from good to moderate.

This past summer’s cloud seeding wasn’t China’s first foray into weather manipulation. The CCP spent billions of dollars to alter the weather ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, avoiding inclement weather and reducing smog.


New study says China controlled its weather this summer


One comment on “Study: China Controlled Its Weather This Summer

  1. CJDS says:

    This manipulation of weather has been going on for years…. HAAP does it in US. But their lasers and seed planting and magnetic field manipulators have caused many storms and damage around world.
    Reports of HARP having manipulated 3 smaller hurricanes into one causing devastation in areas, and their ability to change the direction of storms or enhance the center of the storms is a form of weapon!
    How do you think snow occurred in Texas or all the devastation in New Orleans, with all the deaths began….
    All discoverable info in research…

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