April 2, 2022

Students Staged Racist Graffiti, Sheriff Says

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Students Staged Racist Graffiti, Sheriff Says

In California, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says it identified the two students responsible for writing racist graffiti on the wall of a local high school: “two African-American female juveniles.”

The sheriff’s office said that Rosemont High School officials “reported racist graffiti that had been written in pencil on the wall of a hallway inside a campus building. Two Rosemont High School students were observed writing a racial obscenity.”

School administrators “were able to obtain video surveillance footage showing two African-American female juveniles clearly writing the graffiti on the wall,” the sheriff’s office said. “From the video, school officials and detectives learned the identities of both students.”

“The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office will consult with the Juvenile Division of the District Attorney’s Office if criminal charges are warranted.”


Racist graffiti at California high school perpetrated by black students, sheriff’s office says

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