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January 1, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks Oppose Censorship of Classics



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Actor Tom Hanks has spoken out against censoring old books to accommodate modern sensibilities, asserting, “we’re all grownups here.”

While promoting his upcoming novel, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, Hanks told NBC News that he opposes censoring potentially offensive content and believes individuals should decide for themselves what they find offensive.

Breitbart News has documented several instances where classic books, such as Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories and Roald Dahl’s works, have undergone modern “updates” to appease certain sensibilities. Artists, including those with left-leaning views, have generally opposed such efforts.

For example, director Steven Spielberg expressed regret over his past decision to censor his classic film, E.T., by removing guns from federal agents during the climactic bike chase scene.

Spielberg called his self-censorship a “mistake” and emphasized the importance of preserving cultural history and heritage without censorship.

Oscar-winning writer/director Martin McDonagh also expressed concern over recent censorship attempts on his plays. McDonagh revealed that theaters have requested word changes in his plays from 20-25 years ago and have refused to stage them when he declined. He finds the current situation “much more problematic” than in previous years.

Folks like Spielberg and McDonagh are speakin’ out too, and it’s about time we all pay heed. It’s up to us, as grown-ups, to decide what offends us and what don’t. We don’t need no nanny state tellin’ us what we can and can’t handle in our art and literature.

So let’s tip our hats to Hanks, Spielberg, and McDonagh for takin’ a stand against censorship. It’s a fight worth fightin’, and I reckon we’re all better off for it.



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