January 2, 2023

Southwest Customer Films Shocking Encounter with Police

1905: American anarcho-syndicalist union known as the Industrial Workers of the World forms.

A traveler filmed her encounter with an airport police officer at Nashville International Airport (BNA), who was threatening to arrest a group of Southwest Airlines passengers waiting for information on their delayed flight.

“I thought that it would be best to start recording ’cause I wasn’t sure what was going to happen,” said Amani Robinson, who recorded the video.

Robinson and her mother, Shelley Morrison, were trying to make their flight on Christmas Day to their family in Cleveland, Ohio.

While inside the terminal, a BNA police officer approached them. The video showed the officer saying, “You and her need to leave or you’ll be arrested for trespassing.”

An incredulous Morrison asked in the video: “You said you’re going to arrest people for trespassing, for being at a ticket counter for a flight?”

“Yes, if you don’t have a valid ticket, and you’re on the secure side and refuse to leave, you will be arrested,” the officer responded.

Morrison told local news outlet WKRN, “It was absolutely shocking to experience that.”

“I think that the comments were meant to strike a chord of fear, and honestly, for a moment, fear rose up, but then a righteous indignation kind of rose up as well,” she added.

The pair were among the hundreds of passengers stuck at the airport amid the winter storm.

“It was bad enough to have the difficulties with travel. We understand we can’t control the weather, but the insult to injury was our treatment by the authorities there at the airport,” Morrison said.

“I think it was entirely inappropriate and unnecessary,” she said. “For there to be a threat of being arrested, when there was no belligerent behavior, no disrespect towards the officer, or any other officers.”

Source: The Hill

4 comments on Southwest Customer Films Shocking Encounter with Police

  1. Donna says:

    Anyone else want to fly Southwest Airlines after this report ?! Would take a bus before I would hitch a ride on this airline!!! Used to be pretty good one but the times have changed I see……..

  2. M Mills says:

    We must stop putting up with this type of treatment from non-qualified “law enforcement” personal. Someone needs to be a much better job of vetting these people. Enough already!!!

  3. Jane U says:

    Southwest has declined in so many areas of service. I have been loyal to them for my on-average annual flights back home, coast to coast. I am no longer loyal. I don’t need to check bags for ‘free’. They’ve lost my luggage (and my son’s) more than once, causing me to have to scramble to buy replacement necessary clothes and toiletries emergently. They are the only airlines I’ve flown on (compared to Delta, eg) that will not give you the actual tiny bottle when you order a drink, imposing on you a poured drink into a questionably clean plastic cup. They claim it’s the ‘law’ but that ‘doesn’t fly’ with me… The flight attendants tend to be unfriendly (not that I need a temporary ‘friend’ to chat with) . But I closed out my Southwest Visa (Chase card) when I read about the pro-life flight attendant who was fired for objecting to her extorted union dues money being spent on pro-abortion marches to DC, etc. What an outrage!! I am so glad SW not only was ordered to restore her to her position, but pay significant punitive damages. Going forward, as I have learned to ‘travel light’ and not check bags (to be lost or mishandled), I would rather pay a bit more and select my own seat, get the space (or window) that I pay for, not have to worry about being squashed and having someone hanging onto or pounding their knees into my seat. SW seats, even for a small woman like me, are way too tight and uncomfortable. And the old planes make me very nervous, and have had issues on flights I’ve been on in the past.

  4. Timothy says:

    it is amazing, how much abuse Amerikans will endure from the gov’t. that they are FORCED to pay for, still believing they are free?

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