November 22, 2021

Several Children Sick After Receiving Incorrect COVID Vaccine Dose

In California, some Bay Area parents are outraged after 14 children received the wrong dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“They absolutely failed my children and the other 12 children involved,” Denise Iserloth said.

Denise and her husband Shawn’s eight and 11-year-olds were among the 14 children given the wrong dosage.

“We would have assumed that there was more in place to prevent this from happening, but obviously at this place there wasn’t,” Shawn said.

The Iserloths said their children both stayed home sick from school last week with bad stomachaches. They both received 20 micrograms instead of the recommended 10.

“I understand the mandate, I tried to comply with it, and my children now have been given a double dose and I don’t know the long-term side effects,” Denise said.

Sutter Health confirmed that 14 patients were given an incorrect amount of diluent.

“As soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advised them of CDC guidance in this situation,” Sutter Health stated.

“There has been nothing clarified as to how this happened to our children and the other 12 children involved and it is unacceptable and negligent, completely negligent on their part,” Denise said.


‘It’s unacceptable’: Several Calif. children sick after receiving wrong dose of COVID vaccine

One comment on “Several Children Sick After Receiving Incorrect COVID Vaccine Dose

  1. Stef Hughes says:

    sue. there is absolutely no reason for negligence from a health official or one allowed to give any kind of injection.
    this is nothing but carelessness. SUE, SUE, SUE!!!!

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