June 21, 2022

Senate Candidate’s ‘RINO Hunting’ Video Causes a Stir

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R), who is running for the GOP Senate nomination in his state, caused a stir with a new political ad urging his supporters to go “RINO hunting.”

“I’m Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, and today, we’re going RINO hunting,” the Missouri Republican says before cocking a shotgun in the 38-second video.

“The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” Greitens says before he and a group of men wearing military-style gear break into a home.

“Join the MAGA crew. Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country,” Greitens says in the video.

Greitens shared the ad on Twitter, writing: “We are sick and tired of the Republicans in Name Only surrendering to Joe Biden & the radical Left. Order your RINO Hunting Permit today!” 

Several lawmakers reacted to the video.

“This is sociopathic. You’re going to get someone killed,” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) tweeted.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) wrote: “This type of fa[s]cist messaging needs to stop. It only encourages political violence.”

The ad also faced scrutiny from social media platforms.

Twitter added a warning to Greiten’s post, saying it violates the platform’s rules on “abusive behavior.” The video was removed from Facebook on Monday.

“We removed this video for violating our policies prohibiting violence and incitement,” said a spokesperson for Meta, Facebook’s parent company.

Greitens addressed the video’s removal on Monday afternoon.

“Facebook CENSORED our new ad calling out the weak RINOs,” he wrote in a post on the platform. “When I get to the US Senate, we are taking on Big Tech.”

10 comments on Senate Candidate’s ‘RINO Hunting’ Video Causes a Stir

  1. Tom Lofgren says:

    Mama’s boy, like Kyle Rittenhouse. Last one through the door. Kinda looks like Gavin Newson, when he cocks his gun.

    1. Linde Barrera says:

      To Tom Lofgren- Were you ever a
      Navy Seal? I do not live in Missouri, but if I did I would vote for Eric Greitens.

      1. David says:

        Great ad and so true, RINO’S are nothing but treasonous
        traitors who need to be gone just like the DEM traitors who buy them. This is nothing less than treason period, and there traitors should be treated like what they are,TRAITORS.
        American its time to vote these criminals out, and recall the ones that aren’t up for re election yet.

      2. Von Potter says:


    2. Larry says:

      Another keyboard badboy aren’t you Tom?

  2. Dr. Reverend BigBoa says:

    Too funny. All the leftists in an uproar. I hope to have several in an uproar before I’m through……

  3. This is not the 1950s. Someone may very well take this as an incitement to violence and will hurt people.
    For heaven’s sake, don’t use guns or target individuals in cross-hairs, gunsights, etc. in ads.
    This just plays into Democrats’ hands.

    1. Mister says:

      Oh you mean like Chuckie Schumer did when he invited people to go after Justice Kavanaugh? Kind of like that? Yet no outrage over that, huh?

    2. TN HAWKE says:

      Like when schummer threatened the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES? That kind of violent talk? Were you whining about that when he was threatening people? How about mad max and her bull horn telling ppl to attack REPUBLICANS? Were you whining about THAT? How about when that nasty bunch marched with PRESIDENT TRUMP’S severed head – did you whine about that? Violence breeds violence – and it wasn’t started by CONSERVATIVES!

  4. Don says:

    That’s one thing I want done. Get rid of them.

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