January 21, 2022

Security Guard Tackles Gunman Armed with AR-15

A security guard tackled a gunman armed with an AR-15, thwarting a would-be robbery at a poker club in Houston, Texas.

“The reason why the bullets are in the wall and not in anybody is because I lunged towards him the moment he pointed the gun towards me,” said Trelynn Robinson, the 21-year-old security guard.

“The guy came directly and pointed straight towards me. I was the first person he pointed that gun to.”

Robinson said the suspect entered Legends Poker Room and started screaming, “give me the money,” and pointed his weapon at him.

At that point, “I leaped towards him, and we wrestled with the gun for about a good minute, and then it went off, and upon it going off, I threw him inside a trophy case with the glass breaking and disarmed him,” Robinson said.

Houston Police said about 50 people were inside the poker club at the time, and roughly 15 shots were fired. The suspect is now in custody.

“People call me a hero but I ain’t no hero, I did my job I signed up for it,” Robinson said.


Texas security guard tackles man armed with AR-15 during attempted robbery: ‘I ain’t no hero’


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  1. Terry A Baker says:

    Good job and God Bless you sir.

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