July 1, 2022

Secret Service Cries Foul on WH Aide’s Bogus Story: Report

1863: Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Lee’s northward advance halted.

Secret Service agents are willing to testify that former President Donald Trump did not try to lunge at them or grab the steering wheel as agents were driving on Jan. 6, 2021, according to multiple reports.

“A source close to the Secret Service tells me both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel,” said Peter Alexander, the chief White House correspondent for NBC News.

The Washington Post reported that three Secret Service agents who accompanied Trump dispute that he assaulted or grabbed his security detail or for the steering wheel, according to one current and one former law enforcement official.

A source close to the Secret Service told CBS News that the driver and Robert Engel are prepared to testify under oath that Trump did not lunge at the steering wheel or verbally or physically assault them.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, told Politico that the select committee did not ask Secret Service personnel to reappear at the hearing or answer any questions.

“[W]e were not asked to reappear before the Committee in response to yesterday’s new information, and we plan on formally responding on the record,” Guglielmi told the outlet in a statement. “We have and will continue to make any member of the Secret Service available.”

Attorneys for former Trump White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson issued a statement defending her testimony.

“Ms. Hutchinson stands by all of the testimony she provided yesterday, under oath, to the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol,” said Jody Hunt and William Jordan of Alston Bird.

12 comments on Secret Service Cries Foul on WH Aide’s Bogus Story: Report

  1. As always, the truth as the person testifying sees it. That is the current state of our country. The truth is only important if it supports the Democratic party. Everything else is a lie even if the film or pictures prove otherwise. It is only true if a Democrat says it’s true. Democrats have done this for so long they believe themselves. This is a fact of life, so sad.

    1. Sick&Tired says:

      How True those Statements ARE…….. It is really Pathetic that the Democrats can get away with Sucking Up the Lies and Thinking or Making them – THEIR TRUTHS. !!! It is really Not Pathetic….IT IS DISGUSTING – That These Adults Stoop So LOW. !!! AND – They are the People in Our Government – How Rotten Can That Be.! ! ???? Democrats Truly Fall in the Category – “Can’t Fix Stupid.!!”

    2. Von Potter says:


  2. Jo says:

    I wondered about Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony when I saw Liz Chaney embrace her afterwards. It sounded so rehearsed. Also, it was hard to believe that hand written note was her handwriting. I thought it looked more like a man’s.
    She was obviously disgruntled that she didn’t get a job with Trump in Florida.
    She was looking for a place to live there.

  3. Darrell Simmons says:

    Another Democrat lie just like Biden himself lie lie lie what a shame how corrupt they are .

  4. Still disgusted says:

    Putting a “favorable” slant to what you are saying is a “childhood” way of covering things up., have declined to the point we use those tactics ? It would appear so. Of course “truth” is the way the teller perceives it. But the real truth needs to be told. I am sick of Trump being tried as guilty for everything. He may be a loose cannon but he has not “shot” the average citizen which this administration has been able to do with open borders, and inflation to mention just two !!

  5. Mike L says:

    Amazing how some FB reader believe that the SS debunked Hutchinson’s story because “Trump told them to”. Even though he is out of office and has no “pull” with them.

  6. john says:

    the secret service fbi and cia are corupt,! the people of this country are forced to belive them criminals !they are supost to up hole the laws of this nation not play the lies of the democrap party ! instead of securing this country ,they are out backing the bullshit of the left ,and the lies of the democraps ! you cant belive the lies of these so called law enforcement people ! if you do you are blind or just plane stupid ! how manny terrorist have come into this country, and our no inteligence people of federal law let them kill and mame americans !

  7. DiYi says:

    Besides the claims of the limo incident, throwing of food, who wrote the note being challenged by first person witnesses, I’m more interested in the claim of all the guns at the rally. As far as I know there is no video evidence of that and you know the media and cellphone cameras were in overdrive that day.

  8. Jerry Jankowski says:

    She is lieing under oath and should be charged with lieing under oath. The secret service witnesseswill never be brought into be heard by this committee. Because they would make their most important witness no credible and a liar , and they would be forced to orosecute her. Every person in this country who goes on trial has the right to have witnesses cross examined. That’s why this committee is nothing more then A Witch hunt . I hope Ametica is paying attention to what is happening and that all these Senators on this committee will be in the unemployment line in November.

  9. Dr. Dawg says:

    Hutchison’s banking needs to be carefully examined and followed. She was brought back a second time for a reason, and it was not because she had condemning evidence. Her friend at CNN put her in contact with Cheney, then she all of a sudden had these new “charges” to share. Someone offered her a “prize” IMO a nice round figure to come up with her absurdities. She chose to align herself with the dems (including the two republican defectors), evidently due to them being in power now. Their power trips will soon be over, I pray, and she will be tossed aside since she is of no further use to them. I hope for two things: 1) her benefactor is revealed, and 2) her conscience keeps her awake at night and bothers her constantly while she is awake! What will she do and where will she turn after the very hopeful midterms? Especially since her stories have been refuted…….

  10. chestnutgeld says:

    Well if you beleive the trash being called the truth I have a verry seineic bridge on pluto to sell to you

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