December 20, 2021

School Accused of Racially Segregating Playground

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Centennial Elementary School in Denver, Colorado, is facing backlash over accusations of racially segregating its playground.

A photo of the school’s marquee promoting its “Families of Color Playground Night” attracted attention on social media.

According to the school’s website, the event occurs on the second Wednesday of the month, weather permitting.

“Our school leaders met with some of the black families whose children attend our school to determine ways for these families to feel more included in our school community,” a Denver Public Schools spokesperson said in a statement.

“Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where black families can meet one another, connect with one another, and share their experiences about the school with one another. We are honoring their request.”

Still, many criticized the event, with one Denver University law professor saying it may violate the state’s constitution.

“In violation of Colo. Const. art. IX, sec. 8: ‘nor shall any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color,'” Dave Kopel tweeted.


Denver elementary school under fire for planning ‘families of color playground night’

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