May 3, 2022

Rugby Coach Calls for Ban on Transgender Players After Multiple Injuries [Video]

    A high school rugby coach is calling for transgender athletes to be banned from competition after a male-to-female student injured three cisgender female players over the weekend.

    Tiyan High School head coach Conrad Kerber said that a member of the girls’ rugby team, who was born a male, injured three players during a match on Saturday.

    The transgender player’s “body size, body strength … completely dominate any girl that I have on my team,” Kerber said.

    “The aggressive nature that was witnessed clearly showed that it’s a definite issue that we have to deal with,” he added.

    “I have three players that were injured in that first game against Guam High directly by that particular player.”


    Tiyan rugby coach calls for ban on transgender players after injuries at weekend match

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Why was the game allowed in the first place? Boycott all sports until this madness is stopped. Are they waiting till some girl gets killed.

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