April 20, 2022

Roger Stone Warns Trump About DeSantis [Video]

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Roger Stone recently reunited with former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Stone shared a video clip of the meeting, wherein he appeared to warn Trump about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

Stone shared the clip on his verified Gab account with the caption, “Great to see the 45th and 47th President last night.” In the video, Trump spots Stone and greets him.

“God bless you,” Stone says. Trump responds saying they’ll talk more later, but before he departs, Stone tells him to “watch DeSantis, he’s a piece of –” and the video cuts off.

Zachary Petrizzo, a media reporter for The Daily Beast, shared the clip on Twitter, adding, “Roger Stone posted a video of himself telling Trump that Ron DeSantis is ‘a piece of [shit].'”

Stone’s warning to Trump is not the first instance of the political operative voicing criticisms of DeSantis.

“Ron DeSantis Yale Harvard fat boy can’t get out of his own way,” Stone wrote on social media earlier this year. “Not smart. Not honest and not going to be president.”


Roger Stone posts video of him telling Trump to watch out for Ron DeSantis

3 comments on Roger Stone Warns Trump About DeSantis [Video]

  1. @groundzero1 says:

    I know Stone has been thru a lot personally and is still butt hurt over some political issues, but I feel he should stay out of effecting anything about the Donald. He should stay out and write his books.

    1. Charles Taylor says:

      I like Roger Stone. I believe he’s a patriot. But I believe he’s got Ron DeSantis 180° wrong. I wish she would stay out of the race for president. And if he’s going to get in it and back President Trump then focus on trumps accomplishments and abilities and leave Ron DeSantis out of it.. His snide comments about DeSantis makes him sound silly.

  2. 2004done says:

    DeSantis seems to be doing well for Florida, as well as pence seemed to be doing for Indiana? At least a few more years needed to prove himself to me.

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