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January 1, Report: Conservative Policies Lead to Economic Growth and Better Quality of Life



Howdy folks, Wyatt Porter here. Today, I want to talk about a recent report by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that analyzed the economic outlook of different states. The report titled “Rich States, Poor States” considered various factors influenced directly by state lawmakers to create its economic rankings.

According to the report, Utah, North Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, and Oklahoma are the top five states in the economic outlook rankings for 2023. The reason behind this is simple – these states have got it right with their policies. And it’s not just a theory, the data backs it up. Utah, for instance, was the fastest growing state in the country by population, over 18 percent population growth in the last decade.

One of the key themes that we see not just in Utah but in so many of the top ten or the top half of states is that states that get it right with policy are getting it right with migration as people continue to vote with their feet. Taxpayers are continuing to vote with their feet against high-tax states and going toward states that offer more economic opportunity and really a better quality of life and a lower cost of life.

In analyzing the rankings, ALEC considered variables such as a state’s gross domestic product, domestic migration data, non-farm payroll employment, top marginal personal income tax rate, top marginal corporate tax rate, and property tax burden. Among the other factors considered are a state’s debt service as a share of tax revenue, minimum wage, and public employees per 10,000 residents.

The data indicate a difference in economic outcomes by party-affiliation. Overall, the top ten states are nearly all led by Republicans, while the worst ten states are all led by Democrats. This isn’t just a coincidence folks. The states that followed the free market formula of keeping taxes low and keeping regulations limited, empowering workers, empowering taxpayers across the board are the fastest growing states in America.

It’s time for states to wake up and realize that their policies have a direct impact on their economic growth. If they want to attract businesses and create jobs, they need to create an environment that fosters economic growth. That means keeping taxes low, reducing regulations, and empowering workers and taxpayers.

In closing, I want to leave you with this thought – the United States of America is a great country, but it’s only great because of its people. It’s time for us to take pride in our work, and pride in what it means to be American. We need to uphold the Constitution and defend our individual freedoms and responsibilities. Let’s work together to create a better future for ourselves and for our country.

source: alec

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