June 29, 2022

Report: Biden Inadvertently Funded Hunter’s Russia-Linked Escorts

1964: Civil Rights Act of 1964 passes after an 83-day filibuster in the US Senate.

President Joe Biden inadvertently funded his son Hunter’s activities with a Russia-linked escort ring, according to a new report.

The Washington Examiner cited records from Hunter Biden’s laptop that showed the president wired his son $100,000 to help pay his bills from December 2018 to January 2019.

But records show that Hunter had spent over $30,000 on escorts between November 2018 and March 2019 — many of whom had Russian-based email addresses and were connected to UberGFE, an “exclusive model agency.”

According to the report, Joe Biden wired his 52-year-old son $5,000 while he was “actively engaged” with one escort. Additionally, Biden sent another $20,000 to fund Hunter’s stay at a rehabilitation facility that never came to fruition.

According to both the Examiner and the New York Post, there’s no indication within Hunter’s text messages that his father knew some of the money would be spent on sex workers.

The IRS is currently investigating Hunter Biden’s finances for possible tax fraud, money laundering, and violations of lobbying laws.

8 comments on Report: Biden Inadvertently Funded Hunter’s Russia-Linked Escorts

  1. Carabec says:

    Never forget….Ten Percent 10% ….For the Big Guy….Joseph Robinette Biden!!!

    1. 2004done says:

      but was it an “inadvertenly-funded” 10%, or did creepyjoe know, and still claim “inadvertently-funded?” The world will probably never be allowed to comment on his ignorance.

      1. Lisa McDonald says:

        The MSM will do whatever it takes to protect little Hunter from the big bad Republicans, just like they did in the election.

  2. Fake News, “INADVERTENLY” how about sneaky, stupidly, ON PURPOSE!! How long are we going to put up with this guy all Democrats, RINO non Trumper Republicans!!! I will tell you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT LONG, 174,000,000 Ultra MEGA American Patriots, red, yellow, black, white ready to right the ship!! Locked and Loaded! what ever it takes and i hope it is a simple as a legal election but if not ……. Fire and Fury!!!

    1. Pia says:

      “inadvertently” makes Joe even more absurd!

  3. Helen Sanders says:

    Of course he was funding Hunter activities with Russia and China. Remember that Hunter and Joe received over $31 million dollars from China Elites.

  4. Von Potter says:


  5. Dr. Dawg says:

    Inadvertently my rear end! Of course the MSM and dems continue their reprehensible attempts to protect Sleepy.
    It’s quite absurd how they fall in behind him, supporting him, while sacrificing their own reputations, despite the
    multitude of disasters Sleepy has produced. Looking at the other dems, though, they have no one else fit to serve.
    Not that he is either! We Americans are in dire straits. I’m hoping and praying things begin to be corrected come
    the midterms.

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