June 8, 2022

Report: All is Not Well at the White House

President Joe Biden is becoming increasingly frustrated with his inability to overcome a litany of challenges surrounding his administration, according to Politico.

Robert Gibbs, who served as press secretary under former President Barack Obama, said the issue “has bedeviled quite a few previous presidents. Lots of things happen on your watch but it doesn’t mean there is a magic wand to fix it.”

“The limits of the presidency are not well grasped. The responsibility of the president is greater than the tools he has to fix it.”

Sources within the West Wing told the outlet that aides are trying to quell Biden’s frustrations with his poll numbers.

“The president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump, whom Biden routinely refers to in private as ‘the worst president’ in history and an existential threat to the nation’s democracy,” Politico reported.

After the outlet published the report, a White House spokesperson said: “This depiction of the White House is simply divorced from reality.”

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, says that to course-correct, Biden “can’t just be a mourner-in-chief, he can’t just play defense.”

“He needs to be on offense and convince Americans that, despite the challenges, better days are ahead,” Brinkley said.

17 comments on Report: All is Not Well at the White House

  1. Leslie says:

    It’s very simple. Go back & undo everything that you undid just because President Trump was successful. Get us back to energy independence. Drill, baby drill. Stop this insane involvement in the War in Ukraine. Stop the gender nonsense. Stop the CRT NONSENSE.. Close the Southern Border. ACT LIKE A PRESIDENT NOT A ONE MAN DESTRUCTION FORCE.
    Follow the Constitution. Stop the vaxxes. There is SO MUCH YOU CAN DO.

    1. Gary Fernett says:

      Right on the mark.

    2. Brian Serafini says:

      Absolutely, get er done!
      Why reverse things that were working just because Trump did it !
      Joe you are a MORON!!!!!!!

    3. Janet says:

      Leslie, you took the words right out of my mouth! Biden was given a perfect presidency!!! All of the misery that’s occurred has been because of Dementia Joe’s making!

    4. Nels Hansen says:

      That’s the ticket but Obama, WEF, CCP, Soros, Big Tech, Pharma, etc. aren’t buying into that agenda.

    5. Michael says:

      I Agree With You 100% Leslie.

  2. Kenneth says:

    I cannot wait till 2024 when Donald Trump comes back and saves America Joe Biden is the weakest president we’ve ever had in the history of the United States and his staff is absolutely the worst Nancy Pelosi especially she needs to go

    1. Gary Fernett says:


    2. 2004done says:

      Kenneth: Not Weak, DESTRUCTIVE. I’m not sure Democrats, RINOs, MSM, leftists, globalists (those hating America at its most Constitutional) will have learned anything from 2 years of tearing our citizens down. If we named every person who’s got to go, the list would include EVERY congressman on their second term (term limits), those who voted to spend, spend, spend (against a balanced budget – fiscally sound policy), and grew bureaucracy (pretend a BIGGER government might SOMEDAY WORK?). Sounds like an Article 5 Limited Convention of States which can’t become a run-away Constitutinal Convention, even with doom sayers named above terrified of their political lives. STILL have tons of work for first and second term Representatives, Senators, and Executives to accomplish for American Citizens, but it’s a better start than continuing down this current destructive path.

    3. Norine Levy-Hughes says:

      I Agree with you Leslie in JESUS NAME.

  3. Kate says:

    Brandon should take a long vacation, eat lots of ice cream and don’t come back to the White House, the country will then survive with out his bumbling ways.

  4. Joe says:

    I agree. If he would undo what he has done and put things back the way the were. Im sure in due time electric cars may be a thing. But you can’t force people to change. He also needs to one our southern border and worry about our citizens and not the rest of the world. And get rid of Pelosi.

  5. John Matthews says:

    Thank you!! The truth is out!! Stop Printing $$$$ Stand-Tall For the USA!! HA! HA! YOUR- NEVER
    ARE YOU STI Ll Couting Your Toes?? Binded By lies You Hate The USA : Cinea ONES YOU Stat
    Y Counting your toes???

  6. g says:

    Beware the little children if they let brandon out of the basement, he will probably haunt the scout camps for shower appearances.

  7. Biden is not an American, simply never has done a decent job as President, and has shown that! Who, other than Biden, would stay in politics, as a failure since his twenties? He not only has a damaged brain, but still lives with an inflated EGO, while most everyone is making fun of him for not owning up to his obvious problems! What about Jill? She’s on an EGO TRIP, PROBABLY BIGGER THAN HIS! Also, why is she being permitted doing his political work, and not even concerned about America suffering, because of her husband? SHE MUST LOVE ATTENTION, perhaps more than HE! What a pitiful couple! A COMPLETE FAILURE ON ALL ACCOUNTS!

  8. You are a fool for letting them use you as the mouthpiece. Obama is runnng the country undercover. watch Michele be noinated for a Presidential run just so go old barack can pull all the strings to ruin our contry. I have never lived in such a vile and murderous time as we have since Joe Biden took office. Jill Biden you should be ashamed to let them use your husband like that when you know he is not capable.How much money do you and that Nancy Pelosi need for their botox shots. Letting little children die in numbers, and why are you hanging around with George soros? I use to believe in the Democratic Party because my parents did. Tht was a long time ago. I am now 81 years old and have never been through the total disaster you are making America. Again Jill biden you are a disgrace to American woemn. Who let this poor old guy who walks like a pidgeon even be seen like that. And, why does’t the real truth come out about Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. Just saying, you have gone too far.

    god hep us all.

  9. Truth Vaccine says:

    Of which White House are we speaking?
    The official one in D.C., or the one in Delaware where Hussein tells Biden how to destroy America?
    I bet THAT White House is singing Broadway tunes and having a wig parties, ALL DAY!

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