June 18, 2022

Poll: Belief in God Hits New Low

The number of Americans who believe in God has hit an all-time low, according to a new Gallup poll.

81% of American adults say they believe in God — down six percentage points from 2017, hitting the lowest number in the 78 years that Gallup has asked the question.

Meanwhile, 17% told the pollster they did not believe in God. More than 90% of respondents said they believed in God between 1944 and 2011.

“Belief in God has fallen the most in recent years among young adults and people on the left of the political spectrum (liberals and Democrats),” Gallup reported.

“The groups with the largest declines are also the groups that are currently least likely to believe in God, including liberals (62%), young adults (68%) and Democrats (72%). Belief in God is highest among political conservatives (94%) and Republicans (92%), reflecting that religiosity is a major determinant of political divisions in the U.S.”

Gallup also asked American adults whether God hears prayers and whether God intervenes when people pray.

Of the American adults who believe in God, 42% said God hears prayers and can intervene on a person’s behalf. Another 28% said God hears prayers but cannot intervene, while 11% think God can’t hear prayers or intervene.

15 comments on Poll: Belief in God Hits New Low

  1. Sandra Falke says:

    Yes, I certainly believe in God. I believe He hears and answers prayers although sometimes that does not have the outcome you’d like! He has plans for us that we can’t always see ir predict.

    1. Ana Taylor says:

      I agree 💯- God works in mysterious way, and many times we don’t understand the outcome of the particular circumstance(s), but at the end, we can see the results & the answer to our prayers.

  2. Lolita Collier says:

    I, for one, believe God is real. You have to have Him in your heart to know He is real. I suggest all who are reading this should trust Him, so He can save you from going to hell. Just ask Him to come into your heart and save you. You have to believe that He is the son of God and that He died on the c ross to save you from an eternal hell.

    1. Helen Sanders says:

      Amen! You said it all. He knows where your heart is.

  3. Dale says:

    God gave us free will to make our own mistakes
    He doesnt intervene with blunders we’ve made using our own free will

    1. Theodora says:

      Yes, and God meets us at whatever stage we are in. Sincerely asking God to come and be your Lord and Savior and to forgive you for all your sins is all he asks. It is up to the individual.

  4. Helen Sanders says:

    This definitely shows why our government is going in the direction it is today. They worship their money, their power and believe that no one can change what is going on. They are in for a big surprise. I am so sad that so many don’t believe that God can answer our prayers or that He even can’t intervene. He is the Almighty God, He created everything and everyone. He is awesome and He will always be my Savior and Lord. He has answered my prayers and saved my life from drowning when I got caught in a flood at my farm. He loves everyone no matter what is going on in their lives, even if they are going in the wrong direction. They just need to turn around before it is to late. If they die before they accept Him or when Jesus returns to earth on Judgement Day it is too late. Please people turn around and come to God as your Savior.

    1. Mike Lenahan says:


      You said it as well as anyone could. God is good , God is Great 👍 and God loves each of us as his own children. He is Abba , Daddy,
      And we just need to call on him and try to do his will, and if we fall , ask him as our Daddy to forgive us and know he loves us and wants us to be with him for all eternity .

  5. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because he came into my life when I asked him to and now… I am and have been a child of God for more than 40 years … That which is born of the flesh is flesh … and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit… marvel not that Jesus said … you must be born again…… if you are only born once … you will die twice. If you are born twice .. you will only die once…. and then live with Jesus in the Kingdom of God … and all those who have trusted Him for the forgiveness of sins.

  6. Jerry C says:

    Still not nearly enough sane, rational people in this country – but we’re gaining…

  7. Jimmy F says:

    The problem with Americans is that Christians say they believe in God, but then voted for a group of people who not only hate God, but hate Christians, and think abortion is a “right”. The Constitution in now way says abortion is a “right”, but the left thinks they are able to spin enough lies to confuse their base into thinking it is. God is in the process of disciplining BOTH of these groups, Christians and leftists. You can see the hints of what will befall the left in November. God has to unveil the enemies of freedom, and then challenge THE PEOPLE to do their job and vote these criminals out of office. We’ll just have to see if Christians will be wise enough and devoted enough to God to accept that responsibility. If not, we deserve a spanking from God. That ain’t a good thing as you can see by the recent collapse of EVERYTHING.

  8. Von Potter says:


  9. I am 79 years of age. I have accepted Christ as my Saviour many many years ago. I get up in the morning and the first thing I say is, “Thank you Lord for another day.” He is always by my side. My latest hardship was the death of my husband after 4 years of illness. He got me through this and I could go on and on. No need.

  10. Bert says:

    I believe El (the being you are calling God) exist. I just don’t find him worth my worship.
    I believe there are thousands of gods, but the god taught by the church does not exist. They have taken a real god (El, the god of Abraham) and have used him to create a fantasy.

  11. Beverly Warren says:

    God has a plan for our lives! He does answer prayers, but in His timeframe! Depending on what is asked of Him, He may not answer right away, but when He does respond with the reply that He intends for your life plan, it may not be the response you expected. BUT it is always better!!

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