June 17, 2022

Police Reveal Reason Why Kavanaugh Suspect Abandoned Plan

By T. Thompson In Latest News with Comments Off on Police Reveal Reason Why Kavanaugh Suspect Abandoned Plan

The man accused of plotting to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh abandoned his plans and called 911 after texting his sister, according to a report.

“The suspect arrived by taxi and observed the U.S. marshals, and he turned around to contemplate his next move,” Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones said.

“This is when he texted his sister and told her of his intentions, and she convinced him to call 911, which he did.”

Audio from the 15-minute 911 call reveals that the suspect, Nicholas Roske, said he was “having thoughts” and had traveled from California to “act on them.”

When the 911 dispatcher asked if he required medical attention, Roske said, “I need psychiatric help.”

Police arrived on the scene shortly after Roske called 911.

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