January 30, 2022

Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Law Unconstitutional, Court Rules

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A Pennsylvania court ruled that the state’s mail-in voting law is unconstitutional, saying that the state’s Constitution requires voters to cast ballots in person unless they meet specific requirements.

Three Republican judges sided with the challengers, while two Democrats on the panel dissented.

“No-excuse mail-in voting makes the exercise of the franchise more convenient and has been used four times in the history of Pennsylvania,” Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote.

“Approximately 1.38 million voters have expressed their interest in voting by mail permanently. If presented to the people, a constitutional amendment … is likely to be adopted. But a constitutional amendment must be presented to the people” before such legislation can take effect.

The state quickly appealed the ruling, triggering an automatic stay on Act 77, which will remain in place while the Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears the case.

“This opinion is based on twisted logic and faulty reasoning, and is wrong on the law,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro tweeted.

“The issue will now go before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and we are confident that Act 77 will ultimately be upheld as constitutional.”

The Pennsylvania state legislature passed a law in 2019 with bipartisan support to allow no-excuse mail voting for all voters.

Before the law was enacted, the mail-in voting option was available for individuals unable to vote in person for specific reasons.


A Pennsylvania court overturned the state’s mail voting law, but an appeal means it’s still in place

5 comments on Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Law Unconstitutional, Court Rules

  1. Eddie Jackson says:

    I think I’ll go to the cemetery and pick up some extra votes.

  2. 2004done says:

    Why will it stay for (assuming) 10+ more months? While not PA Constitutionally definite, Change to PA. Election Operations was “passed quickly,” and any repeal has already taken almost 2 years. Who knew? Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, sometimes they turn so fast citizens can’t possibly keep up.. Probability, to me, says if it ‘worked once but maybe not again, it will be delayed as long as possible, then distracted and denied to ensure the desired outcome.’

  3. Gerald Ladd says:

    LOL….DeminRATS hate the constitution.

    1. 2004done says:

      (Left Hates the Constitution) Unless their partner MSM can twist it enough to appear “IN HEADLINES” to say what it doesn’t say. (I am not even smiling after 2020 “Installation” of creepy-joe and what that has done to this greatest nation).

    2. max says:

      Mail-in ballots are the way too, it will give us all 5 or more ballots to mail-in!! sic
      And that is a fact, the fact Biden is sleeping in the White House.
      Mail-in ballots will be the DEATH OF AMERICA

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